Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cowboys Stadium Tour

While we were on vacation to Texas we got to tour the Dallas Cowboys Stadium... I haven't seen my husband SMILE SO BIG in a FOREVER!!! He seriously was beyond excited and happy... This is something he has wanted to do FOREVER and he was finally able to go see "his team's stadium" Wish there would have been a game going on, BUT hopefully in the next few years we can make it down for a game (now that would be a dream come true for him--seeing he has never been to a NFL game) I loved seeing him so happy and being able to share such awesome moments with his little girl... She was just as excited as him... Seriously was the best part of vacation just watching them on the field laughing and running around!

There is the outside of the stadium the only thing i could use my good camera on.... We weren't allowed to take it inside so everything else was on my point and shoot and my iphone...

One of the BEST times of our lives....

Words Don't Describe This Awesome Experience... SO Blessed and Happy To Have Shared Such An Awesome Memory With These Two! I Love You Both More Than Anything In The WHOLE World!!! 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Happy Fourth Of July!! We spend our 4th in Addison, TX this year... It was an awesome show and we had lots of fun!! They had an air show during the day and lots of activities going on... We all hung out and ate snow cones, fried guacamole, and had lots to drink. It was so much fun doing something different on the fourth and seeing some awesome fireworks.. Olivia says "It was the best ever" I love building memories with her! She is turning into such a little lady and SO funny!!! Love spending time with her!! We had an awesome 2 week vacation (i'll post about this later) not looking forward to Jeff having to go back to work tomorrow and me on Tuesday! (Bummer!) But SO thankful we got to go on vaca this year and let Olivia see some family she has only seen as a little bitty baby!! She loved Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Tom!! 

Happy Fourth Of July!!! 
From:The Rawson's