Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Starting to feel a lot like Christmas....

Olivia is old enough this year to start to understand what is going on with Christmas and she had SO much fun putting ornaments on the tree and helping get everything in place for the holiday season... We not only want her to enjoy doing all the decorating for the holiday, but start to understand the REAL meaning for Christmas... We got a nativity scene and we talk about Baby Jesus...

Christmas Tree 2011

Again I LOVE IT!!

This wreath looked very homely so i added some spice to it...

All of our stockings... Can't wait to stuff them all with goodies!! Sure hope Santa is nice this year :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Break and Jeff's Birthday

Wednesday Started our Thanksgiving Break....
     We decided to stay home this year and make the trip first thing Thursday morning... Wednesday Night we got all of our bags packed, the dogs ready for the ride, and made a fun Thanksgiving craft for all of Olivia's grandparents and one for our refrigerater TOO...

Olivia made this at school... HOW SWEET!! :) I LOVE HER
From: The Rawson's

We headed out of Republic around 8:00am so we could make it to the Rawson/Muse Thanksgiving at 11:30am....
Here's my gang heading out of town.... 

We continued on our way and headed to my mom's house for Thanksgiving... 

Olivia got her first hair cut after Thanksgiving dinner.. She did so good. 

We left at 9pm for Black Friday Shopping this year.. WOW... It was a long night, but I got a lot of good deals for Jeff, Olivia, and I! Plus I had a blast spending time with my mom and aunt... They are SO much fun!! We got home around 10am!!

Friday consisted of being lazy and then heading over to Jeff's parent's house... We spent time with his family, had tacos, and just hung out.. It was a lot of fun. Jeff found out he would be heading home on Saturday to go to work (no fun) but gotta do what ya gotta do. Olivia got her first little black eye by jumping on the couch... Only cried for a bit and toughed it out.

Saturday we all went to lunch with my in-laws, Bobby, and Fat. We celebrated Jeff's Birthday with a birthday cake surprise his mom got him!!

Olivia and I headed over to my dad's house and spent the evening we had a Turkey supper and just hung out with everyone. Got to see my sister again which i miss her like crazy!

Olivia being lazy on Saturday Night Playing the Dora Game on the iPad

Sunday we got to sleep in to almost 10am!! AWESOME! :) Then had a big breakfast before our journey back to Springfield. We left early so we could get home and unpack and put our Christmas decorations up... Our tree got put up and all of our decorations are out and looking AWESOME. We had to make our new addition (Hank) to our stockings and get a new tree topper... I decorated our wreath that goes on our door to make it look better. Pictures to Come......
Monday was Jeff's Birthday so I took him lunch at work and decided to make Baked Spagetti for supper along with a yummy chocolate chip cookie cake Olivia got him at wal-mart... We had an awesome break but today it's been back to reality of work...  Hope everyone had an awesome holiday with their families... I'm looking forward to December, lots of holiday spirit and fun going on in the Rawson home.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19.. WoW I'm Behind..

Day 15: I'm thankful for a husband who goes grocery shopping
Day 16: I'm thankful for a husband that even knows what type of dryer sheets to buy without even asking.
Day 17: I'm thankful for a husband who cooks waffles on Saturday morning and lets me sleep in until they are done.
Day 18:I'm thankful to waking up each day knowing God is on my side.
Day 19: I'm SO VERY thankful that i get to go home next week and spend some MUCH needed time with my family. :) Being away is NO fun at ALL!! :( I miss my mommy and daddy SO much!! :( Wish it was just a short trip away but unfortunately 4 hours is kind of far. :\ I'm very excited to go visit and then to get to go back in a month for Christmas for even more time.. :) YAY!

I've been very busy and I hate that i was 4 days behind.. and I cut each day short, but that's what I have been thankful for the past week... My Husband. He is AMAZING.. I know I've already been thankful for him... But sometimes I take of granted how AWESOME he really is. A lot of girls dont get lucky enough to find a man that is raised in a christian home and takes care of you ALL the time and you can ALWAYS depend on him. He is AWESOME! I LOVE YOU JEFF RAWSON!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14: I'm Thankful for deer meat...

I'm thankful for deer meat... Jeff's goes away one weekend of the year and brings back meat that we will eat until next year at this time. He spent the last 2 nights getting it all packed away and cut up and cleaned... and I'm SO excited to start eating it... YUM!
Along with it's yummy taste it saves us SO much money throughout the year and it's a quick go to for supper if we dont know what we want or haven't got anything laid out we defrost it and make fried deer meat...
I'll have to get some of Jeff's yummy recipes for the deer meat so everyone can test them out... they are pretty amazing.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Came home Friday and played with my pretty princess outside.. We did a lot of swinging... 

Saturday Hannah and I made Meghan's Baby Shower Invitations:


After the invitations were done we got ready and Olivia and I went to Springfield and ate supper with Heather and her family and went shopping... I got some things to finish up some Christmas presents (Pictures to come of gifts after Christmas)

Nursery work at DC this morning... I got to hold the sweetest, cutest little guy...  and watch lots of kiddos play and then...

Heather's Baby Shower:
Heather's Baby Shower Cake

Heather with the cake
Heather's baby bump 30 weeks

Heather and Joe with Gavin


Day 13: I'm Thankful For Time Apart...

Today I'm thankful for time apart.... I know sounds crazy?! These last 3 days without Jeff have made me be thankful for time apart because it really makes me realize how awesome and how in love i am with him. I have missed him like crazy and I'm about to make some yummy spaghetti so we can eat as a FAMILY tonight. YAY!! He should be home in a just a little bit. Thank God.
Not only do i realize this with my husband but I'm so thankful for the time i get to spend with my family... Almost all of our family lives back in the bootheel and each time we are with them we are super excited and treasure each moment. I wish we didn't live so far away from them, but I'm thankful for the time we do get to spend together. It def. makes me not take it for granted.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 11 and 12: I'm Thankful for having time to be crafty and for time being able to spend mommy and me time with Olivia..

I'm starting to slack on my thankful days as I post curled up in bed with my baby girl watching Santa Clause 2 for the 5th time for the weekend... She loves Santa! I'm thankful for every night I get to cuddle up with her... This weekend has been lonely without my hubby but it's been nice having mommy/daughter time with Olivia!! She's so stinkin funny and smart and keeps me on my toes!
Ive also enjoyed time to make baby shower invites and some Christmas presents.. I love being crafty! I'm about to finish up on Heather's shower which is tomorrow and I will post pics on that tomorrow! This weekend has been full of being at home and soakin up all my time with Olivia.. I can't wait for my husband too be back tomorrow this away for deer camp is for the birds and STINKS! :) he did kill a deer today though! YaY!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10: I'm Thankful For our Jobs...

Today I am thankful for our jobs. I know i may complain about having a job and wanting to be a stay at home mom.. which i would LOVE to do in the future when God tells me it's the right decision to make... Right now God is telling me to keep pushing through and contribute to our household finances..
I'm very thankful Jeff and I work the same schedule... 8-5 are our usual hours, and he gets off at 3 on Friday!! My job is more flexible and their are days i work extra and days i can adjust and get off early.. Not many jobs you make your own schedule and that's basically how my job works... I love working with kids and i love being able to plan the activities the kids get to do afterschool.. I'm trying to think of new crafty ideas for them to do for afterschool programs any ideaS?!?
I'm VERY thankful for ALL of our family time each night.. dinner together, praying together before bed, and just time to relax together... I also enjoy our Wednesday life groups that we can each participate in and get to be with christian people and be in the word of God.
I'm also thankful for those who have to work the odd shifts to take care of our community, sick people, and serving this country...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 8 and 9: I'm Thankful for my puppies... Tucker and Hank

The love the is the greatest of all... They will never be mad and will always LOVE me no matter what comes.. Each day when i wake up it's like they haven't seen me in days/weeks/months... I get home from work and it's the same way...
Tucker is my baby... He has been through everything with Jeff and I..Apartment living, searching for a home, being pregnant, and having kids... I can't imagine life without that sweet little bark and the fun he brings to my life.. he makes me SO happy. He sits, lays, rolls over, high fives, and shakes... BEST of ALL he fetches a frisbee... LOVE IT! I am his whole world and he always listens and NEVER talks back ;)

Hank is our newest addition and I must say he's a good boy.. He has filled a hole that I had from Hoss being removed from our family wayyyy toooo sooon.... Hank is a good guy he guards our yard.... he likes to dig holes, drag my cushions off my furniture, BUT i love it. It can drive me crazy sometimes, but he is so stinkin' sweet and just wants to love on you and give you lots of kisses!!

Dogs are not just animals, but they become part of your family.... They are a humans best friend...

They love each other :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7: I'm Thankful for Naps..

It's not very often that i get to take naps. Today was a day far and in between and i got to lay down with my sweet babygirl and Tucker and just relax and take a long needed nap... After working all weekend and then it being a rainy cold day.. it was perfect.
It's moments like these that i wish lasted forever..  Olivia and Tucker are still cuddled up snoozin' but i knew there were things around the house that i wanted to get done before Jeff got home. I feel so blessed to have everything i have and a job that sometimes will allow for me to come home and take a nap.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Fun

I know I'm a little late on the post about Halloween, but I had conference all weekend this weekend and have been SO stinkin' busy getting ready for it. Work has been overwhelming glad things should start to calm down again next week.

This Halloween was so much fun... Olivia is getting old enough to really enjoy holidays and all the fun festivities...

We started celebrating Halloween at Olivia's School Party... She was a Cowgirl at her party:

Next on the agenda was a Halloween Party at a friend's House they had lots of yummy food, pumpkin bowling, bean bag toss, and Olivia's favorite jump house... We all dressed up Mommy-Ref Daddy-Cowboys football player, and Olivia-Cowboys Cheerleader:

Last, but now least... Trunk or Treat.. We love doing this each year because we can be creative... which is Jeff's favorite thing to do... We had the same outfits being the Cowboys Football Team and made the back of my jeep into the Cowboys Arena...

We love the holidays... So blessed I have family to share all the fun with!! I love being crafty and having fun for the holidays!