Friday, May 27, 2011

Devastation In Joplin

Joplin is only about 45 minutes from Republic, Mo. Talk about SCARY! Our church has stepped up and we have come together as a community to help all the victims of this TERRIBLE tragedy. SO SAD. So many people have lots love ones, homes, and EVERYTHING they had. Can you imagine? I went down and unloaded a semi full of food, clothes, blankets, and  etc. Jeff got to go down into the town and hand out water, food, and just be there for people has they cried and grieved. Keep these people in your prayers.

Be Thankful each day for everything you have because in a blink of an eye something unexpected can come through and destory this from you...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Staying Busy

I haven't updated in awhile we've been busy around here.. I took a vacation and we headed to the bootheel. I know not much a "vacation"  but it was much needed.  We took off on Thursday afternoon and headed to my dad's house.. We spent the night there and spent all day Friday riding 4-wheelers, lawn mowers, and just being lazy outside. Jeff took the day and went fishing with his dad. We went to Graduation that evening and headed over to Jeff's parents house. Saturday was filled with being lazy, visiting with my sister-in-law, seeing Jeff's grandparents, and just having fun being with family. It was nice to actually visit with my sis-in-law that doesn't happen much wish we lived closer :( Sunday I headed to my mom's we did a birthday lunch and supper. Jeff headed back to Springfield. We spent the week until Wed. night with my mom. We shopped, went to the park, i got my hair done, visited with my sister, hung out with my girlfriends from high school, and just had a wonderful time. It was def. TOO short I miss being down there with family and friends, but I also would miss my friends and life here if we ever were to move.
I got home Wed. night Jeff met us halfway and we came home. <3
My allergies are TERRIBLE :( It's EVERY May this happens and it is NO FUN AT ALL!! :(
We took family pics, went swimming, and had a family bbq yesterday. It was fun just hanging out, the pictures did NOT go so well but we got a couple...

Even though she didn't smile... She is STILL mommy's princess and i can't imagine life without her. She is BEAUTIFUL inside and out.... I could spend forever just holding her and talking. I <3 You Olivia Paige.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011 *My 2nd Mother's Day*

I had an AMAZING weekend.. I spent Friday with all my girls from church doing our 2nd Annual "The Draft" event... It was so much fun. SO much laughing and playing just like we were all young girls again..I love just letting go and having fun!! Saturday I spent the day with Jeff, Olivia and my in-laws. We went to Artsfest, Bass Pro, and dinner for Mother's day at Nakato. What an amazing day!! 
Today we woke up and went to church, had some lunch, said our goodbye's to my in-laws and off to the lake we went.. It was SUCH a pretty day out we had a BLAST!! We laughed a lot... WE HAD FUN!!! 
Here are a few pictures of today. I'm SO blessed.. I have an amazing husband who has blessed me with a beautiful baby girl!! Thank You God for making it possible for me to enjoy this holiday!! 

*Want to say a special Thank You to my Mom* She is the reason why i'm who I am today she's taught me many of things in life and one of those is how to be an amazing MoM.  Thank You for all the memories and all the fun times we had growing up.. Seems like yesterday and now I'm a Mommy and I understand ALL the things I did NOT agree with you.. Now I understand the "one day you'll understand comments :) I LOVE YOU!!!  Also to my Mother In Law for raising such an AWESOME son that I call my husband!! And to my Step Mom for being an awesome mom to all her kiddos!! 

The Perfect Mother's Day!! I Love You Olivia Paige!! XoXo!!