Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Adelynn *3 Months*

Happy 3 Months Little Lady!! You rolled over from back to belly on September 16.. you did it 2x this night. What a big girl! You also LOVE standing up... If i give you my hands you are always trying to pull yourself to your feet.. Slow down please.

You are weighing about 12 lbs 6 oz and are around 23.5 in. long. You are SO full of personality. Always laughing and smiling when anyone talks to you. You are still taking Zantac to help with your acid reflux and mommy is still pumping to let you have breastmilk. We usuallly supplement too using gentlease..  At night you are still getting 2tsp of cereal in your bottle and you sleep through the night almost every single night. (thank you Jesus) 

We finally got you out of the rock n play, but you still insist on being swaddled.. We tried to put you down in the pack n play which is by our bed i still have yet to want to put you in your crib... you are only little once so im taking it all in :) Ill leave you in your swaddle as long as you need :) We also put you in your swaddle me if you get out of control cranky and screaming during the day and it calms you down and you usually fall asleep within minutes.

We got your ears pierced on the day we got your two month shots-- you handled them both really well and i have to say i love your little ears :) so stinkin CUTE! :) 

Ive loved watching you change again this month and love watching you discover new things and learn. You are such a good baby only cranky usually when you wanna eat and its not ready RIGHT then. :) You are a little piggy :) Cant wait to get your 3 month pictures done on Sunday..


God is Good .. We prayed so hard for you and waited patiently   anxiously each month. Finally after doing a histopinogram... God blessed us with you.. Slow Down Growing... It's going by WAY too fast!! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Olivia is FOUR!!

WOW! Can NOT believe my baby is FOUR.. 

This year we had a Cinderella birthday party and the weather was perfect so we got to have it at the park. The kids all seemed to have a great time.. It was nice bc they were able to run and play :) She had lots of friends from school that came along with family and friends that traveled in...  It was an amazing day. 

I decided to make the cupcakes for her party and we ordered Little Caesers pizza... 

I was pretty proud of those and it was fun making them :) think i may try to make this an every year thing-- it's much cheaper and i got lots of compliments on how good they tasted.

At Four Olivia is in preschool and is seriously too smart for her own good... She loves playing outside, being with her friends, reading and painting with daddy, playing with her little sister, and having girls days with mommy.

She just started another session of soccer this is her third one and we got to play tball this summer which was lots of fun watching :) She's into pretending, dressing up, coloring, writing, babies and started playing with barbies. 

She weighs around 29 lbs we have yet to see 30 lbs on the scale. 
She is VERY sassy and def acts like her momma... this could def. be bad later in life.. stay tuned :) 

Doesnt seem real i have a four year old-- but im so thankful for this little lady she completes me and makes every day a new fun day and you never know what she's going to say considering she NEVER stops talking. :) 

Olivia mommy and daddy love you SO very much and think the world of you and LOVE watching you grow and learn new things. You are such a joy. Thanks for being such a little princess :)

Happy 4th Birthday Olivia Paige!! We all love you!!