Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Soccer Game

Can. Not. Believe. My. Baby Big Girl is old enough to play soccer!! How crazy time sure does fly!! But look how adorable she is :) Go Black Hawks!! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Soccer Practice

Seems like just yesterday I was bringing this little lady home... and NOW she's going to be my soccer star... We had our first practice on Tuesday night and she did AWESOME! She's the youngest on her team, but i used to work with her coaches and help put the soccer league together so i decided to go ahead and start her early...

I thought we would have to fight her to get her on the field and there would be lots of tears... Boy was I WRONG. We got there she put on her shin guards, shoes, and she was gone. She kicked the ball, listened to everything the coaches were asking and she participated to the fullest. Can you say PROUD mommy and daddy!!!  Pretty sure we couldn't have smiled any bigger or have been anymore proud of her!! She is seriously the MOST outgoing, prissy, athletic, smart child and I'm SO blessed to have her as MINE!! <3


The Birthday Party

Well let's just say our birthday celebration did. not. go. as. plan.  Our butterfly Birthday party at the park turned info a butterfly Birthday party at our daycare center because it rained for two days.. :\ Nothing like getting everything together in the rain and being rained on and having to change plans at the last minute. YIKES. Thank Goodness for my awesome boss!!

Despite the rain, the party turned out AWESOME... Olivia had a ton of friends at her party and we made a craft BUTTERFLYS out of coffee filters *Thanks Pinterest* All you need is some watercolor, coffee filters, and some pipe cleaner (cut 1/2) use the watercolor on filter let dry and tie up the middle with the pipe cleaner and bend the antennas around. BAM. You have a butterfly :)

I still can NOT believe my baby is 3!! Here's some pictures of the fun-filled day!

Happy Birthday Pretty Little Lady!! I Love You More Than You Will EVER Know! XoXo

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Baby O

Olivia is now 3!!
 Holy Cow time flies!!! We decided since she really is understanding birthdays and all the fun stuff now we had to make it EXTRA SUPER special :)
We started out the morning with a Donut with CANDLES... She wasn't sure about waking up, but as you can tell when she seen the candles burning she was up in no time :)

After daddy left we may have snuck in a "birthday nap" snuggled up in momma's bed and it was so amazing... :) I just love that she will snuggle with me now and she LOVES it!! :) Makes my heart happy..
There was a knock on our door and look what got delivered.. A special treat for Olivia balloons and a cute little puppy.. she was super excited.. Thanks Nonna & Pa Pa
We got up and got ready so we could head to the next fun activity for the day which consisted of meeting our special guy for lunch... So we all packed up even Tucker and we picked up daddy and headed to get a happy meal and to the park for our picnic ..
We played candyland and chased bubbles.. and Tucker just wanted to chase his frisbee and follow Olivia around.. They are SO much fun together.. :)


And What i believe was Olivia's most exciting part of the day was picking up Quinn for a fun afternoon at bouncers... They ran and jumped and had so much fun!! They are such a hoot together.. they were cracking me up! I love watching Olivia interact with others and play... She is seriously so much fun.. and hilarous!! :) I couldn't be more proud of the little girl she is!! She makes me SO happy!

We ended the night with Mr. Biggs pizza, of course black olives for the birthday girl...  Alicia, Quinn, and Pierson came along for the fun! Olivia loves playin with Quinn and didn't want the night to end, but she was tired and about wore out.
I took her to walmart to get a cake and we whipped it up so we could eat it for breakfast this morning and then mommy and daddy let princess Olivia sleep in OUR bed and she sure did love that she kicked so i had to put her in her own bed in the middle of the night, but found her snuggled up to me when i woke up this morning.
Olivia- Mommy and Daddy would do anything for you. We love you more than anything in this whole world and you are our little miracle baby.. Seems unreal that is has already been 3 years since you made your appearance into this world weighing only 4lbs and 3 oz... You were a little fighter and i knew we would have a little independent strong willed little lady on our hands, but i wouldn't have you any other way. Thanks for being such an AWESOME little girl so sad you are growing up on me, but so proud of you. LOVE YOU LITTLE LADY!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Have I mentioned how thankful i am to be a "part time" worker now...  I went from being home with Olivia and keeping another little girl for 7 months to going to work "full time" and boy o boy did i not like that at ALL!! Ugh. I cried all the time leaving her as she would just want me and it seriously broke my heart into. I worked in the "full time" position for almost 2 years and got offered a position to work in the daycare/preschool that Olivia attended... How stinkin' PERFECT right? 1. being able to be with my little lady ALL the time 2. making money doing so... I would say that is pretty close to perfect.

Well I worked full time at the center for awhile and then summer started up and I got to start a new schedule and worked with the "school age" program... My new schedule was actually perfect all but being with Olivia everyday like I had been I worked Tues, Wed, and Thurs.... Which meant 4 day weekends every week and we LOVED it. It made the 3 days working SO worth it.

Well after summer we got a new schedule and I decided to be a "part time" worker... WOW what a change of pace... Olivia and I are SO lucky to have an awesome man who provides for us and has allowed for us to have 2 days off a week to spend doing stuff around the house, playing, learning letters, and just having FUN! I'm SO blessed.

I always knew I liked the idea of working "part time" but didn't realize how big of a difference it would make for Olivia and it's seriously the best decision I have ever made... We got 2 days to play and then 3 days we work and she is with me I finally feel like I'm fulfilled where as before I never felt my heart be so full as it is now just watching Olivia grow up everyday.

Thank You Jesus!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Grandparent's Day!!

Have I mentioned Olivia has the BEST grandparents on the face of the earth?! I don't think we take the time out enough to express our appreciation for all they do for her. She is one VERYY blessed little girl. It's so hard being away from all of her grandparents, BUT it makes the time they spend together SO precious and special and time spent together is NEVER taken for granted.

As for me, I miss my parents like CRAZY! But it's all i've known since 2004 is being 3.5 hours away and only visiting. Olivia has just started to realize they come and then have to leave and it breaks my heart for her to have to say goodbye and watch them leave knowing she wont see them for a little while. But also for her i think she really REALLY really enjoys her time she gets to spend with them and having so much fun! :) 

I just all of our parents to know we truly love each of you over the moon and are SO thankful for each of you and the special quality of life you bring into our family. Olivia loves you more than anything in this world and we can never thank you all enough for the love you have for our family especially our little lady. We are SO thankful for each of you!! 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Weekend Get Away: Relaxation

A much needed break to Lake of the Ozarks is just what this girl needed... I miss my little lady but have loved spending time with friends. My mind has came to a peace and I'm ready for what the next few months have in store I hope by the new year I will have exciting news for everyone God has a plan and he will take care of us :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Defeating your Giants

I wanted to post this since it was the FIRST night of NFL football and the COWBOYS beat the GIANTS!!  Although many people didn't see this happening the Cowboys never gave up...

In a sermon I listened to many months ago, we talked about Are you a grasshopper or Giant? Well here lately I have defiantly been feeling like a itty bitty grasshopper-- and my Giant has really made me struggle the last few months and as I was going through some sermons and reading bible verses tonight and thought this was perfect to share.

*Focus on GOD--not your problems. If you put your FOCUS onto you problems-- They will become bigger than your GOD.... Make God Your FOCUS.

4 Steps in Defeating your Giant -- FOOTBALL STYLE
     1. Know the PlayBook
     2. Call an Audible (Change up the play)
               -Call Out to God
     3. Trick Play
               -Focus on YOUR GOD Stumble *Your Giant will hold you back*
               -Focus on God- Your Giant Tumble  *Focus on your outcome/goal*
     4. TOUCHDOWN (You Win)

    Then God blessed them and said, "Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground." Genesis 1:28

Olivia says it all... Love that little personality.

**Leave it on the FIELD and GIVE IT TO GOD**

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trash The Dress/Update on Life

Just wanted to share my Trash the Dress Pictures we have been wanting to do this for awhile now and decided to get it done since we are going to be celebrating 5 years in January!! :) I can't wait to get my prints on the wall!! After almost 5 years my husband is still amazing. He was an AMAZING husband and always made life fun, but when we threw in our first baby girl he is now even MORE attractive and fun than ever.. Nothing is more attractive than a man who has his little girl wrapped around his finger and watching them interact together.
Although we have been going through a tough time trying to get that second little miracle, we are praying within the next few months God will hear our prayers and provide my baby  big girl with a little sibling of her own she prays to Jesus for a "baby sister" but i know she will love her a little "baby brother" too!! Just keep praying for us while this has been one of the most emotional times for us... a year and 3 months down and still nothing. I went to the doctor last week and we are waiting to see what this month brings and then we will continue onto things i never dreamed i would have to be worried about... Just Pray.

On a happier note check out these pics... I absolutely LOVE them and LOVED spending time with Jeff having fun and being in love. Olivia will soon be 3 and we have been so blessed! Check these Out...