Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adelynn *5 Months*

This past month it seems like you grew a TON... you are all over the place... you roll over and over and over.. and then if you are just a few reaches from a toy or something you want you pull yourself over to it with your arms. You have tucked your legs a few times but when it comes time to move you just pull with your arms. 

We got a new toy from a friend your excersaucer and you absolutely LOVEEE it.. you push yourself all around and play with all the toys... and you are starting to stand in it lots.... you LOVE to stand, but not sit so much. We are working on getting you sitting more.. you will sit without falling over but only for a few seconds :) 

You had your second parents as teachers visit and she still thinks you are doing amazing... We are working on the things she talked about such as grabbing two toys at once and sitting instead of standing all the time. 

Sleeping is going better not as well as when you were just a newborn.. You usually go to bed around 9-10pm and wake up once before we have to get you up at 7am. Sometimes you sleep through a diaper change and sleep until we get to work :) 

You are still taking gentlease 100% of the time.. We add cereal in at night to help fill your belly. You are holding your own bottle (when you want to) The doctor prescribe a baby meralax to help you go poo. :\ hoping soon we can get you off of it but you still have a very hard time going. I give it to you 1-2x a day. 

You are wearing  3-6 and 6 month clothes and Diapers are now 1-2 or 2's..  

Can't believe how fast time is flying.. Praying time slows down :( So thankful for all the time we spend together and that I never have to leave you only to tan and work out :) You LOVE when people talk and sing to you or show you any attention.. you are a little spoiled :)