Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh So Blessed..

Got to see this beauty this morning.. Test was negative again and was checked and cervix is still closed. Praise God!! Prayers are working need to go a few more weeks! Can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by.. Gonna miss all these little kicks..

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Packing the Hospital Bag

Well the time has come I'm going to start packing my hospital bag... last time around i didn't have one of these and it was a pain having to try to tell people what to bring me up to the hospital... SO to be prepared I'm going to get it done this weekend hopefully... I'll be 31 weeks pregnant tomorrow-- Although everything is going absolutely amazing right now with the pregnancy Olivia's arrival at 31 wk 6 days... has me wanting to make sure i'm OVER prepared this time.

So my question to all my blogger friends.. What are some items that are a MUST for the hospital... Everthing was so crazy last time I'm not even real sure.. For Me, Baby, Daddy, and of course BIG sister.. I have a bag I've made for O, but what kind of things do you think i should add??

I'm getting SO very excited life is getting ready to change-- and I'm excited and nervous everyone says life changes dramatically with TWO? I'm hoping since Olivia is 3.5 it won't be as bad if she were younger and maybe not AS stressful? We shall see... I'm ready for a fun filled summer with both of my baby girls :)


Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Fun

We had an awesome weekend.. First was the Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley concert.. Saturday was Olivia's soccer pictures and her game-- she did AWESOME.. Kicked the ball 4x made me and daddy very proud getting out there and being big! After the game we had subway sandwiches and headed to Little Sac where Jeff went looking for mushrooms and me and O stayed back at the river and played with the dogs and hung out and just relaxed.. It was so awesome being out there just taking in all the time with Olivia before baby A arrives -- she is so much fun and always cracks me up.. We headed back for our church youth fish fry (yum) and then back home to head outside and do chalk until dark and then make a Walmart trip.. It was a busy day but it was nice to relax..

Sunday Jeff mowed and got the garden ready for planting and the rabbit fence up (pictures to come once he plants) after that we did lots of relaxing in the backyard and made homemade pizzas..

Best weekend ever.. Perfect weather and lots of time w the ones I love oh so much!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Doctor's Appointments

Yesterday was my first fetal fibranecton test-- I should have at least two more of these test done at 32 and 34 weeks... I go back on the 24th for my 32 week one.

What Is Fetal Fibronectin (fFN)?

Fetal fibronectin (also known as fFN) is a “glue-like” protein that bonds your developing baby to your uterus. Fetal fibronectin is detectable in vaginal secretions in the very beginning of pregnancy, when this bond is first forming, and then again at the end of pregnancy, when your body is getting ready to deliver your baby.

How does fetal fibronectin work?

fFN is a special protein that literally holds your baby in place in the womb. After the 35th week of pregnancy, it begins to break down naturally, and is detectable. If your body is getting ready to give birth prematurely, fFN may be detected before week 35.

I was SO relieved to hear the word "NEGATIVE" for once hearing that word was a GOOD thing... So we are praying to hear that 2 more times...  This allows me to keep going on with normal life and working... If the test becomes positive at any point then i will be on strict bed rest and steroid shots to get baby Adelynn's lungs developed.

I have mentally prepared myself for a preterm baby with high hopes I will not experience this time and I will get to experience the "normal" birth and have a baby to room in with me... Pray Pray Pray.. 30 weeeks tomorrow!! 10 more to go... 

Daddy and Olivia's First 5K COLOR RUN

Pre Race Pictures... That's a tough little girl right there!!

Well Olivia has official ran her first 5k... I SO wish i could have ran it with them, but my doctor recommended I didn't even walk it due to having a past of preterm labor... So taking ALL precautions.. I decided to drive to the first color station where I could get some pictures of Olivia and Daddy running and see how she liked it... Well i sat there for an hour and 40 minutes before their heat went but it was SO worth the smile on both of their faces.

First Color Station:
Yes that's Olivia on her daddy's shoulders.. SPOILED ;)

Here they GO.......

She LOVED it!!

After I watched them run through, I jumped in the car and drove over to Jordan Valley Park where i knew the finish line was and i could catch them as they finished up the race... After realizing Jeff had lost Stacey which is who i was keeping up with i was worried i wouldn't find them... BUT I DID :)

Finish Line:

All Good and MESSY!!

Look at that SMILE!!

Part of their team GR8R

Such a Daddy's Girl...