Thursday, February 28, 2013

Valentine's Family Date Night Creation

We went to our local pottery place here in Republic-- called Village Pottery for some amazing homemade dinner and we painted some pottery... It's seriously an AMAZING local place that we ALL love to go to..

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Olivia's First Dentist Appointment

February 22, 2013 was Olivia's first ever dentist appointment... I wasn't sure what to expect of her she had talked about it lots, but then would say she didnt' want to go... But before the hygienist could even get ready Olivia had her mouth open...

She let Olivia pick out her own flavor for them to clean her teeth and she picked orange. She got some awesome glasses to wear and kept her mouth open the whole time. I was SO proud of her... After she got them cleaned the dentist came into the room and checked her out and counted her teeth ;)

She did AWESOME.. She got a new toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss and then picked a prize from the treasure box which she picked some crayons. It was a VERY successful day and Olivia had NO cavities or as she would say No Sugar Bugs! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mommy and Olivia's snow day

Well another day off but thankful we have snow to play in today.. Olivia was SO excited to see the snow and to build a snowman and make a snow angel..
After sleeping in until 10am this morning and having a bowl of cereal we got all dressed warm-- only thing missing was Olivia's gloves (not sure where they have gone) but we improvised with a pair of socks :)

We made our first snowman (snow girl) together-- usually her and daddy build in the snow and I enjoy sitting back and watching it was a lot of fun to play today and enjoy some time together :)

Loving all these moments of the two of us while I can give her all my focus bc I know it will all change when we have baby A..

Hope everyone had a great snow day if you got one :) ready for my hubby to come home :)

Monday, February 25, 2013

23 Week Appointment

So my 23 week 3 day appointment went very well... no swelling going on at all... I have gained total so far 13 lbs which my dr is very happy with.... Not looking forward to seeing the 170 or more on the scale next time.. yikes. I got up to 176 with Olivia, but i'm thinking it will be more than that this time around.
My blood pressure was good so overall i'd say me and baby are doing wonderful... i did ask about all the movement but he said some babies are VERY active and move lots and lots... so it's a normal feeling--

I go back March 28th which i will be 27 weeks 6 days... and we do the glucose test and possibly go ahead and do my first of many "preterm labor" test... I will start going back every two weeks from then on out to make sure Miss Adelynn is planning to camp out for awhile and not make a surprise visit :)

Time is going by so fast.. Can't believe i'm already 23 weeks pregnant seems like yesterday I was begging and praying for a miracle to get pregnant... and now look at me.. :) Truly BLESSED!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

And the fun begins

Well the fun is starting to happen around the Rawson house...  Jeff and Olivia painted Baby Adelynn's room on Friday night and this morning and tonight we were able to add the furniture to the mix... I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've painted in our home and I really love the colors we have picked out.

It's so crazy how much it saves already having the furniture and all the other things such as a changing pad, clothes, and bouncy seats, and etc. The only thing we've got so far was the bedding and we are now waiting on her bumper to be made.. I didn't want to pay 80 for a bumper at the store so we are having one made just for her...

It's all coming together quickly.. I'm not looking into what kind of letters we want to use to do her name above the crib... I love all the planning and getting things ready.. I'm glad this part is done so i can focus on a "natural" birth this time... I'm interviewing a doula on Tuesday and I'm VERY excited and nervous all in one... Will post more after our meeting for everyone.

23 Weeks Pregnant.. I'm feeling great-- but Adelynn is moving like CRAZY.. she's already kicking so hard you can watch it on the outside of my tummy.... She's very active which i love bc i know i can feel her and know she's doing good :)

Feeling VERY blessed this weekend to be able to spend it getting things ready for our little miracle baby and went to a craft fair today with my sis in law... It's so nice having them here and able to hang out and spend time together.. Jeff got to go be a policeman for the afternoon... Got to pull some people over and give a few tickets or shall i say witness it... lol how exciting! :) 

Hope Everyone has a BLESSED Sunday! 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

22 Weeks Pregnant 23 Tomorrow...

The further i get in this pregnancy the more nervous i am getting... I'm noticing lots more with this baby than the last and it's scaring me.. :( Yesterday was full of pressure and she was low... She moves more than O ever did she will move at least 1-2 hours a day... she moves so much i can watch it on the outside of my stomach...
I've decided for sure I want to have this baby natural.. which scares me too and i dont want that to scare me.. i'm starting to do some research and asking people about natural births and techniques people use to get through. We are contemplating on getting a doula... I've heard nothing but good things about them just trying to figure out our budget and what we can afford and everything...
I know God has a plan for this but i can't help to worry she will come early and we will have the heartache of the NICU stay again... :\ I'm so thankful for the NICU but man it's a roller coaster of a ride for your emotions...
If anyone has any tips of how to keep yourself together and calm during the labor part... that would be AWESOME. I look forward to not having to lay in a bed for 11 hours like last time which i think will be SO much better... Although if she comes early what happens then? ah. Giving it to God...

Here's the baby bump 22 Weeks... At my last appt which was like 3 weeks ago i had gained 12 lbs... I go back on Monday and will update :) My pregnancy app is showing Miss Adelynn to be around 8 in long and 1.2 lbs and the size of a Papaya... She's just growing and growing and so is mommy's tummy :) Hard to believe tomorrow we only have 17 weeks left it's been going by SUPER fast...

This weekend we are planning to start on the nursery and i will update as we get things done in her room... I've already got her bedding, but a friend is making her bumper personalized just for Miss Adelynn.. I'm SO excited to get the room together and start organizing ALL of these clothes i saved from Miss Olivia... My seasons are a bit off but hoping i can make the outfits work and i know the sleepers, socks, shoes and such will work out perfect and is saving us SO much money.

Also anyone have a moby wrap? I got a really good deal on one but it doesn't have instructions.. and i just look at it? Thinking i may need to You Tube some videos of how to carry a baby in it? Anyone have any personal favS?

Alright back to enjoy my snow day.. O is napping.. Jeff ran to the store (we really didn't think we were gonna have an ice storm so weren't prepared :\) and i need to finish the laundry :) Girls retreat with the girls from work tomorrow Yippie.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.. Ours started out super early at 6am getting up and going on a donut date with daddy before work..

Our school party was a success and Olivia had fun and is currently napping :) loved seeing all of the Valentine boxes and super cute ideas everyone had..

We have reservations at Village Pottery tonight and I'm so excited to spend the evening with two of my favorites..

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Busy Week

It has been a very busy week around here... Our weekend was also very busy I was gone ALL day on Saturday (which was weird for me being away from O that long) but it was an AMAZING fun filled JESUS DAY! WOW. The sessions were AMAZING and by girls in our church who took a step out and told their story and it ended with a girls dinner and a worhsip/session with Pastor Tosha which was incredible....

Thanks to my hubby who is AMAZING and LOVES spending time with his girl they got to spend the whole day together on a "date" as she says and they went to the bookstore, academy, chuck-e-cheese, and worked on her castle valentine's day box (pictures to come tomorrow) let's just say when i got home and looked at this box WOW... i NEVER had a box like this, but i wouldn't have expected anything less from the two of them they are creative and artsy and I LOVE IT!

Sunday we went to church and i got to work back with the infants second service and meet some new people at church--that was followed by lunch prepared by Jeff Veggie Melts and Sweet Potato fries YUM! and a good ol NAP! then lots of play time :)

This week we have been on the run too... We signed Olivia up for soccer which she is VERY excited to start back hoping it goes a lot smoother this round :) We got Adelynn's bedding in which i was super excited about Happy Valentine's babygirl :) so of course that made me wanna go to Lowe's and look at paint... I'm beyond excited to start getting ready for this little miracle baby.... AH God is Good.

Last night I let Olivia stay up until 10:30pm she was so hyper and excited because I was making the back drop for her Valentine's Day party tomorrow so i let her cut paper and make her on "business" as she calls it ;) I LOVE being able to be apart of all the fun holiday festivities that come with a preschool ESP being at the same one as my girl. Life doesn't get much better than that.

Tonight we are heading over to have some chili with my sis/bro in laws and then I have life group which I'm extremely excited for... Can't wait to start this Character MakeOver this weeks topic was humility and WOW I had no idea and learned a lot while working on my devotions each day!

Hope all my friends are doing well I miss everyone I haven't seen in awhile and think of you daily.
Katie if you read this I have been praying for you a smooth delivery and for a precious baby :) Can't NOT wait to see pictures and read this birth story you are such an incredible person ....  Do you have a typed birth plan or anything that may help me? I didn't get to have one last time but this time i want to try to be as natural as possible and i'm NERVOUS!!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Takes

1. Yesterday was one of the worst days i've had in awhile... It was VERY emotional and I was very let down and it was disappointing. I don't know why i let what others do make such an impact on how i feel, but when it's someone so dear to my heart it hurts and it stinks! Tears were shed and no matter how hard i tried all day i just couldn't stop thinking of it. But today was MUCH better I've just left it behind... Forgiveness will come it may just take awhile.

2. I got another one of those text this am saying, no worries we are low so you are OFF today... SO this only means one thing.. Lunch Date with Daddy!! YAY! Pizza Inn was amazing and we had a fun lunch as always when it's the 3 of us.

3. I got a NEW phone today.. Yippie! No more cracked screen... I sure wont miss that... I've had a cracked screen since like July... And finally last week we reached our "upgrade" period and just happened Jeff had got a bonus at work and it all worked out so we are both good to go for another few years. :) So thankful.

4. We had duck steak for supper and it was AMMMAAZZINNGG!! I'm pretty sure we could live off of Jeff hunting.. We always are eating deer, duck, dove, rabbits... and of course our veggies and dessert :)

5. I'm 21 weeks pregnant today it's going by so fast.. I found myself in the babies room tonight rearranging a few things and getting the room ready for Jeff to carry out the stuff that no longer belongs in there and cleaned a place for all the baby stuff to return to the house... SO excited to start painting and getting things all put together for Miss Adelynn.

6. I am SUPER tired... I couldn't sleep last night at about 1am after getting into bed with Olivia i finally fell asleep.. only for a bit when i needed to pee and have a little snack.. then tried again... and Olivia was up it was like this until like 6 when i finally went back to my bed and tried to sleep and O was back up... it was rough.

7. Our women's committee is putting on the first conference we've ever held at our church here in Republic and I am VERY excited to attend tomorrow.. Can't wait to see what all i learn and just getting to have the day to myself and hang out with a bunch of girlfriends.

Hope Everyone has a BLESSED weekend.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An hour all to myself..

Well... Besides Miss Adelynn kicking away in my belly... ahh how i have missed this feeling...

Jeff decided to take O on a date night to eat BBQ... He's been craving it for a few days and my life group starts tonight so they are having a daddy/daughter date... I absolutely LOVE that he enjoys taking her places and spending one on one time with her... As they were walking out telling me bye... I hear her asking for ice cream after... and I can bet you 100 bucks she will have ice cream just because he is an AWESOME AMAZING daddy... and i could not have ask for a better daddy.

As for me I am SO excited to get started with life group.. I did this life group over a year ago and it's crazy to look back and see how much things have changed since I've given things to God... I have a completely new career, I'm having another baby, I have more faith in myself and others, and I've become a lot more confident in myself. I still struggle in areas, but feel like understanding each topic and realizing God's plan... It sure does help to make me let down my guard and not focus on all the itty bitty things that dont matter, but yet focus on all the simple things that DO matter...

I'll keep a journal of my life group right here on this blog so others can read it too.. If i went back i do believe i have notes posted from the last life group which i'm getting ready to print. I'm SO glad i blogged about this a year ago and hope to stay on top of it this time.

But for now i have 15-20 minutes before i need to leave i'm going to lay down and enjoy some quiet time :)

Happy Wednesday! <3

Monday, February 4, 2013

Art Night: With Quinn

This past Thursday night Olivia had a friend over to hang out and play... We continued with our theme of Thursday Art Night and decided it would be fun for the girls to make their own dinner so we got the stuff to make biscuit pizzas.... Pretty sure I enjoyed them more than the girls and ate WAY more than they did... Check them out...

After eating our pizza with our fruit cocktail we decided to do some finger painting... This didn't last too long with them... but i think they enjoyed it for about 5-10 minutes... Future Artist on my hands... 

Olivia's Art

Quinnlyn's Art

And last but not least we celebrated with a cake... Since Thursday was the big ultrasound and we got to see our sweet little LADY... We decided to have a cake to enjoy and celebrate how thankful we are...

Busy Busy

Well I'm a little behind on my blog seeing since I blogged last I had an ultrasound, a special art night, and Friday quick takes... BUT I made a quick trip to the bootheel this weekend to see my sister, go to my nephews first bday party, and visit with some more family... And then yesterday I was sick, but still got to enjoy some time with my mom, attend a birthday swimming party with O (ended with me puking) :(, and then over to our kids house for a 30th bday and Super Bowl... Very busy weekend so I have lots floating in my mind on posting and I plan to get to that tonight :)

Also I've got a new schedule at work and will be working 11-430 and 4 possibly 5 days a week.. Depending on numbers! :)
How flippin' sweet is this? Considering O goes with me and LOVES playing with her friends, Im over halfway in my pregnancy... it's a pretty sweet schedule to have I love working with the kiddos it's such a blessing keeping them all :)

Excited for the weekend ahead one of my besties will be coming into town for our conference at DC and I'm looking forward to catching up :) yippie! :) and then lots of lazy family time on Sunday after a busy hectic weekend I always look forward to relaxing :) ESP with the weather being so nice!!

Here's a few pictures from our ultrasound-- She was smiling at us and wiggling like crazy kicks are becoming lots stronger and I look forward to them every night :) she's about 11ounces and growing :)

And here's a picture of the belly bump 20 weeks.. I've gained 12 lbs... Goal is 30 at most.. Pretty weather will mean lots of walks :) although dr was happy ab 12 I wasn't sure lol also since O was early I will do a test at 30 weeks to make sure preterm labor isn't making its way to me again :) we are hoping to get me until at least May 17 at earliest which is 36 but as we all know God has a plan and I'm wanting this to be as natural and we can and even gonna try without an epidural this time.. VERY nervous ab this but I'm gonna try my hardest!! I had a horrible experience last time!!

This picture brings me to tears God is seriously amazing two little miracle baby girls.. And they both have my heart..