Friday, December 27, 2013

Adelynn *6 Months*

You are sitting and crawling EVERYWHERE... and you got your FIRST tooth the bottom left one and the right one is right behind...  You love eating food.. especially your little yumm yumm crackers and puffs. You get your food at dinner time and we are going to start in doing some in the morning too.. You are taking a 6 oz bottle about every 3-4 hours... You are a growing girl... Can't wait to see what your weight/height is at your appointment on Tuesday! 

Sleeping is going better we have had a couple all night sleeps, but usually up to give you a binky about once or twice a night sometimes that doesn't work and you will take a 4 oz bottle in the middle of the night or sleep with mommy and daddy. You are just a tid bit spoiled especially after the holidays and all the grandparent lovin you got. 

You are still taking gentlease 100% of the time.. We add cereal in at night to help fill your belly. You are holding your own bottle and would rather lay in the floor and eat than someone hold you and try to feed you. We are off of the prescription baby miralax, but started you on the one you get over the counter we mix one cap with 8 oz and you get 1 oz with your morning bottle... Talk about MUCH happier! :) 

You are wearing  6 month clothes and sometimes 6-9 mo and Diapers are now 2's..  You have some chunky little legs :) 

Your sister is loving you being on the move and being able to play with you more since you can move and hold yourself up for long periods of time. You are one of the happiest babies. Your smile is contagious and your giggles fills my heart with so much happiness..

Mae Mae Crawling.. <3

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Program

Olivia's Christmas Program was on Monday night and it was adorable like always.. I love getting her all dressed up and watching her get up there and sing... Hard to believe she is four and so grown up and pretty. 

I was thankful for one of my best friends who was able to come and watch her. Family being far away stinks sometimes and this is one of those times.. But we understand and make do with best friends that help fill in the gap when no one is able to make it. 

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?! Ahh!!

These two are gonna be trouble :)

This is Olivia's BFF as they call each other. They hang out everyday and go to school together and come back to me at lunch time. He calls her Rainbow and we have now started watching power rangers and super hero shows at our house ;) 

After the program this is what she got 

An "O" necklace from Brody Man! It was so sweet!!! 

I'm very thankful for an awesome preschool for Olivia to go to and learn. I love all the girls over there and know she's in good hands for the few hours she goes in the mornings. And the best thing is she LOVES it and seeing all if her friends. 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm stinking at keeping up on my blog.

Life has been SOOO stinkin' BUSY with two kiddos and holidays and everything going on.. My girls are growing up so fast and time is flying and I. HATE. IT! UGH.

Friday was a SNOW DAY!! Even daddy stayed home. We slept in, took naps, played in the snow and then I had my annual SAS Tea Party.

Thanksgiving break was awesome we got to go down to the bootheel and got to spend time with all of our parents and grandparents and see aunts, uncles, cousins, and everyone it was GREAT. I sure do miss all of them! :( I love watching the kiddos interact with them all especially watching Olivia play with all the kiddos she misses all the time.

Since Thanksgiving we have been doing lots of holiday stuff. We have the house all decorated up.. We did our yearly tradition and got the girls their ornaments. Adelynn got her FIRST Christmas and Olivia got her big sister one... 

We also started a couple new things with the girls since Olivia is getting older and understands a lot more. 1. We bought an elf.. no elf on the shelf because i'm not spending 30 bucks on an elf and i dont really understand the point of all the chaos of it.. but just a few dollar one and she heads to the north pole at night, moves to a new place, and watches over the girls during day. 2. We started the 25 days of book tradition and Olivia opens up a book every night.. She LOVES reading and this has been a BLAST!! Some nights we just read other nights we have hot cocoa or just all snuggle up on the floor.. So much fun. 
Instead of buying gifts for the girls we decided each year we are going to do something with them before Christmas so they will have a memory that they remember sharing with us each year. Today we our "Date Day" This year we visited the Dixie Stampede.. It was SOOO stinkin' much fun. She LOVED it. Adelynn passed out but Olivia kept her eyes on the show the whole time. We did some shopping at the Landing and got to visit with SANTA.

Omgosh. Santa was AMAZING. There was NO line we got to let Olivia sit on his lap and talk to him for like 5 minutes and take a pic then Adelynn joined in and just watched him and they took a picture together and then Adelynn by herself... She could NOT get enough of him. AH. Precious! Bass Pro in Branson is AMAZING :) and He was one of the best santas!! 

Melt Me. Im SO blessed with SUCH great kiddos. They are both so amazing in their own ways. They make my heart full everyday. Hope everyone is having a very joyful holiday season. I'm feeling very blessed and enjoying every minute with my family. <3

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Adelynn *5 Months*

This past month it seems like you grew a TON... you are all over the place... you roll over and over and over.. and then if you are just a few reaches from a toy or something you want you pull yourself over to it with your arms. You have tucked your legs a few times but when it comes time to move you just pull with your arms. 

We got a new toy from a friend your excersaucer and you absolutely LOVEEE it.. you push yourself all around and play with all the toys... and you are starting to stand in it lots.... you LOVE to stand, but not sit so much. We are working on getting you sitting more.. you will sit without falling over but only for a few seconds :) 

You had your second parents as teachers visit and she still thinks you are doing amazing... We are working on the things she talked about such as grabbing two toys at once and sitting instead of standing all the time. 

Sleeping is going better not as well as when you were just a newborn.. You usually go to bed around 9-10pm and wake up once before we have to get you up at 7am. Sometimes you sleep through a diaper change and sleep until we get to work :) 

You are still taking gentlease 100% of the time.. We add cereal in at night to help fill your belly. You are holding your own bottle (when you want to) The doctor prescribe a baby meralax to help you go poo. :\ hoping soon we can get you off of it but you still have a very hard time going. I give it to you 1-2x a day. 

You are wearing  3-6 and 6 month clothes and Diapers are now 1-2 or 2's..  

Can't believe how fast time is flying.. Praying time slows down :( So thankful for all the time we spend together and that I never have to leave you only to tan and work out :) You LOVE when people talk and sing to you or show you any attention.. you are a little spoiled :)

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

My three babies... Dorothy, Toto, and the cowardly lion... We had an absolute BLAST with this girls trick or treating. We spent the evening with lots of friends cooking out, fire pit, smores, lots of kiddos laughing, and just having a good time. LOVE nights like these. 

I can't get enough of watching Olivia laughing and playing with friends. She is so full of spunk and such attitude :) She keeps me on my toes and is always up to something or having questions :) I wore Adelynn forward facing and she LOVED watching all the kiddos that were dressed up and spent the evening smiling at everyone talking to her.. until she passed smooth out and i had to turn her around to take a nap while the kiddos finished up trick or treating! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

4 year and 4 Month Check Up

Time is flying we had our check ups yesterday and the girls have both grown so much.

Olivia is now 31 lbs AND finally on her growth chart at 15% and she is 40 in tall 50%! She did awesome at the appointment and is doing amazing! I'm so thankful her being preemie hasn't held her down like the doctors said could happen.. She is so smart as I'm so proud of her and all the learning she has done :) can't believe she still has another year until kindergarten she is def gonna miss her friends next year :(

Adelynn weighed in at 13.7 50% and 25.5 in 90% she is growing so big! She did NOT like her shots!! :( so sad! But she took her longest nap ever when we got home! Poor girl!

Check ups were a success! Healthy girls = happy mommy :)

Us girls at the doctors office :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Adelynn *4 Months*

You have got such a personality and are always smiling.. It seems like you are starting to outgrow all the crying and are happy more often. You have started to enjoy belly time more and can roll over and over :) I can walk out of the living room and come back and you will have rolled across your blanket to the other side. 

You are very verbal and love to baby talk and watch everything around you. I'm so thankful to be able to watch you at "school" and how you interact with the other kiddos you love the older ones talking to u :)

We got your jumperoo out and u enjoy sitting in it for a bit but your not quite long enough to touch so we have to put a pillow under you..  You just love to look around and grab anything you find..  We got you a new piano playmat which u kick with you feet to play the music as you are very knot grabbing all the toys above you. 

You had your first parents as teachers visit and she was very impressed by you which made mommy super proud. She loved that you would roll and roll and push up on your arms while on tummy along w all your chit chat! Mommy and daddy don't stand a chance with u and ur sister ;) 

Your sleeping at night has def gotten worse. You went from sleeping all night to now u wake up and make noise and ill get up give u binky and u go back to sleep but that gets super old after the 10th time so you usually end up on Mommys chest by 4-5am so mommy can get those that couple hours of sleep.. 

We are now on gentlease 100% and you seem to be doing great on it.. U are also taking Prevacid again but it's now the liquid and for the last week we have been doing prune juice bc you have been constipated. Which really ticks u off! And it's so sad! :( 

Your have your 4 month appointment on Wed and Olivia has her 4 year I'm so excited to see how much you've grown! You are wearing 3 month or 3-6 month and Diapers are 1-2. 

You are such a snuggler and I'm taking full advantage :) this last month you have started really talking some serious baby talk, rolling all over, giggling, and really people watching. You LOVE when sis plays with you and gets all in your face :) you just laugh and smile at her. You also love for us for us to sing "you are my sunshine" :) even tho we are terrible u always smile :) 

We love you Mae Mae!!! So excited for the holidays with you!! <3

Monday, October 14, 2013

Aching Heart

I haven't felt so much pain in my heart in quite some time... today as i sat in the funeral and just listening to the songs and Mr. Bock talking about Roo I cant seem to get it off my mind. I've been thinking about him all day. Things like this aren't supposed to happen and I'm questioning why? He was such a genuine and caring guy who no matter how long it had been since i had seen him last-- he always greeted me with a big hug and smile and loved catching up.

As young kids going through Elementary school we were great friends we always played basketball together and he was always over at Ben's ( My next door neighbor) and we always played outside together. He was one of my first little boyfriends at a young age when wearing your boyfriends starter jacket was super cool.. this was around 5-6th grade.. He is the reason me and my best friend Jessica became so close.. super long story but he was it.

I can still hear his momma saying "Christopher, Lauren's on the phone" crazy how things come back to you and how his older brothers and his friends would tease us on the bus for holding hands under a jacket lol so funny.. He was one amazing guy and I'm SO thankful I was fornuate to grow up with him even tho we had drifted apart which is what happens i guess after high school everyone moves on and things change.

I sure do regret not keeping in contact with him more, but thankful for the time I got with him sharing memories that i will not forget.

God please help me understand why things like this happen and keep your arms around his beautiful mother.. She is such a sweet person.. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013