Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Week At Home

Well the first week was a bit of an emotional one for me--but we survived and we are all doing wonderful now. It just took a little time for us to adjust to being home with 2 baby girls and figuring out what Adelynn likes and dislikes..

So far.. She LOVES to eat... and she LOVES to open those big ol eyes and just look around. She is SO alert it's amazing. She DISLIKES to lay flat so we had to borrow a friends rock and sleeper and she has been doing AMAZING at night the bassinet was a no go for this little lady. 

We traveled to a doctors appt, lactation specialist appt, t-ball game for Olivia, went to not one but TWO firework shows, and had our newborn pictures... all which went awesome and she did really good. The only problem so far is i'm having a hard time feeling okay with feedings in public... suggestions? I know it's normal to feed-- for some reason i just can't seem to feel ok with it. who knows maybe i'm crazy?

If you are breastfeeding and needing some advice our lactation specialist helped me SO much!  I had been told two completely different things about feeding and I couldn't seem to figure out how to make Adelynn happy-- but after spending 2 hours there with the help of my amazing husband we learned a lot and came home and we have had a satisfied girl ever since. 

We had dinners provided to us over the last week and it was so awesome having the meals prepared and brought over which led to not much of a mess in the kitchen which is always super nice. Jeff has been working lots of hours due to his magazines being due soon so it was time we got to spend with daddy too we were SO thankful for everyone and can't thank you enough. 

I feel SO blessed-- a year ago now I didn't know what was wrong with me after trying a year to get pregnant we were still unsuccessful and now i just sit and stare at my sweet baby who is just over a week old-- God is GOOD! I'm SO thankful to be her mommy and already love watching her grow and do new things. 

Olivia has been awesome with her, it's really nice having an extra set of hands to help out when i need them. :) She got to go on a few play dates last week which let me spend some one on one with baby A which was really nice and i got in a few naps :) Once again thankful for awesome friends. Thank you Thank you. 

Thanks everyone for all the prayers! 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Adelynn Mae Rawson

Introducing Adelynn Mae Rawson
Born on June 20, 2013
7 lbs 5 oz 19.5 in long
She looks JUST like her big sister and we are ALL so proud!! 
Can't wait to share the birth, but I'm still in works :) 

Olivia Meeting Adelynn-- She was the first person to come in and love on her. It was seriously the perfect moments that i will treasure forever.

My little family of 4. 

Adelynn just hangin out the day after she was born. LOVE her bright eyes.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adelynn Mae Part 1

Well I had a very rough night of feeling very sickly-- when I would lay I felt that I should vomit and then it would be the other end along with having strong yet not consistent contractions and it went on for about 3 hours before I woke Jeff up.
We decided to go ahead and go to triage just to make sure everything was okay. We dropped O off with my friend/co-worker Stephanie and headed into Springfield. Olivia was so excited and deep down I was praying we would get to stay at the hospital and have a baby today. 
When we arrived they hooked me up to make sure all was well with baby--heart rate was great and they were able to monitor contractions.. When she checked me (last Friday I was at ab a 1.5-2cm) I was at a 3.5 cm 80% effaced and a -1 station.. Doctor wanted me to stick around for an hour and do some walking so Jeff and I walked and walked-- an hour later she checked me again and NOTHING. Oh so frustrating. 
Decided I wanted to go ahead and head home to try to sleep and get rested since my night of sleep was very minimal. 
I took about a 2 hour nap before I headed to get O at school and now she is napping so peaceful in our bed-- I cuddled for awhile but decided to go ahead and get my bath and make myself half presentable so we can go get a pedicure and snow come and possible even go walk some... 

So ready to meet sweet Adelynn.. Come out baby girl we are all waiting on you.. Please say a prayer I can make it through and be able to follow my birth plan--
So far this has been a lot tougher on me than Miss Os arrival. 

Here's a picture off me this morning (excuse how awful I look I hadn't had sleep)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mommy and O Day

Here's a picture of what most of our day consisted of... We LOVE the water and having fun in the sun. We started out our morning by having breakfast and then got ready and did some painting (picture to come after Sunday) :) Then we jumped right into the water.... we dove for the fishies in the bottom of the pool we played tag and splashed around... Kinda hard to move to quick being 39 weeks prego.. thankful the pool is not TOO big ;)

We laughed and laughed and i just enjoyed Olivia. I know things are going to change whenever Adelynn arrives-- everyone says it is crazy how much changes... I'm praying it's NOT too hard of an adjustment. I'm nervous, but yet SO excited for the new chapter we are about to begin.

After pool time and lunch,  I watched Olivia jump and do flips on the trampoline.. i was worried about a trampoline but i have to say its her fav thing in the backyard. We came in for some relaxation and her snack of choice an apple. We've now watched Strawberry Shortcake and Tinker bell and are about to head out for dinner over at my bro & sis in laws.

I'm SO thankful for days like today to just take in my time with O.. She is SUCH a smart kiddo. She's learning SO much everyday and has an attitude out of this world. She can be the sweetest little thing and then not even an hour later have a "mouth". Teenage years in the Rawson home could be a very interesting time ;) BUT i wouldn't trade it for anything. I love her and all the attitude because Lord knows she gets it from me :\ eekkk. lol

Have a very blessed Friday. Pray for me as i go in for my 39 week appointment tomorrow. I have lots of questions and hope to have made a little progress?

Monday, June 10, 2013

38 Weeks

Well everyone was right when they said I had it very easy with Olivia.. My body has changed SO much since 32 weeks...  
I'm so happy and blessed to be 38 weeks but I am SO ready to meet my little lady.  My next doctors appointment is Friday, which I will be 39 weeks. It's the last appt with my doctor bc be will be out of town the whole next week. (Yes my due date is in that week) I'm planning to get some answers to a few questions  I have on Friday and will share about these after my appt. 

Seems unreal I only have 11 more days until due date-- but for some reason I have this feeling I will be going past that "due date" mark. 

I have been having contractions but nothing "real" im getting more nervous about having a "natural" delivery...  And about breastfeeding but since she is gonna be full term and everything hoping the feeding goes better than with O since I didn't get to feed her for 24 days after she was born and I have different plans this time around. 

Everything is packed and ready to go just waiting on my body and Miss A to decide its time for her arrival :) 

Hope everyone is doing well-- hoping to keep up with this more when I have more time. I decided to go back to work this week seeing how I don't have a baby yet so I'm staying busy... And hoping it will help to motivate her to want to come into the world :)