Thursday, April 28, 2011


We had a VERY amazing Easter I LOVE spending time with Jeff and Olivia. They complete me and make my world such a happy place.

Friday we just hung out together and cuddled... Saturday was a long day at Servolution (where we served the community it was AWESOME) then we got ready for church service and then went to Nakato (Our Favorite Restaurant) Sunday morning the Easter bunny had stopped by and seen Olivia... We went and seeen the Easter bunny at Bass Pro, Dyed Easter Eggs, and made our FIRST Easter bunny cake. What a BLESSED AMAZING weekend!! AHH!! Diet Back on Monday!! This whole Easter, Incredible Pizza field trips for 2 weeks has really put a damper on things :) lol

My Family at Servolution

Happy Easter Going to Church

The Easter Bunny Came and Visited Olivia

Dying Easter Eggs 2011

Ready for the Egg Hunt

Our First Easter Cake

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Just wanted to post a picture for Easter :) 

I have been VERY blessed!! I love my family SO much and so thankful for Jeff and Olivia!! <3

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wish I Could Hit The Pause Button

Olivia is 19 Months Old TODAY! Time has went by WAY too fast. Last night as she wanted to lay with me on the couch she fell asleep and this NEVER happens. She is VERY independent and wants to be in her own bed by herself. I started thinking and remembering all the little things and how much she has changed.
She is no longer a baby and that makes me so sad. She is VERY sassy and wants it her way or no way. I wouldn't change this a bit because she is def. mommy's little diva princess!! She is very talkitive and will go to almost anyone. She is very outgoing and LOVES being outside!!
She is now talking in some sentences.. "Where he/she Go?" Where puppy Go? My Mommy.. My Daddy.. 1, 2, 3 and A, B, C... Just some of the new cute things she is saying. She loves Patty Cake and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.. She is def. a dancer and LOVES music.
We are going for a screening next week with Parents as Teachers and I'm SO excited to see what they think of how smart she is. :) I believe she got her daddy's smart genes... Especially books!! They both LOVE books!!
I can still remember wondering when I was going to get to take her home and to be a family of 3 instead of having to leave her in the NICU and go home without her. This was the WORSE feeling I have EVER felt and pray when we decide to have another baby this does not happen. Who would have ever thought she would grow up and be so smart SO stinkin' FAST! I need a PAUSE button!!
I'm SO proud of her for doing so good this past year with daycare or so we call it "School." She has been attending her school for a year now. Hard to believe I've been a working mommy for a YEAR! She loves her teachers and playing with all the kids. She doesn't cry anymore.. Just a Kiss Goodbye and she is off to Play. I never thought I'd miss the cry, but sometimes I wish she still was so attached.
She has been such a blessing and I have never felt such love for anything in the whole world. She has my whole heart and there isn't anything in the world I wouldn't do for that girl..

Mommy Loves You Olivia Paige!! Happy 19 Months!! <3

Saturday, April 9, 2011

This Week/End Has Been Very Much Needed

Anyways.... Life is Good I have a new things I can't wait to tell the blogging world as soon as i hear a few more details I will be adding these new exciting things to share with everyone :) AH.... God is GOOD!!!
I've been in the bootheel since Wednesday night. I got to be with one of my best friends through a very long and hard labor that ended with a c-section. She was wonderful she did so good through it all I was so proud of her. Eli William entered the world Friday night around 9ish and weighed 7 lbs 11oz and 19.5 inches long and looks just like his momma to me!! I love it!!
I spent the yesterday getting my hair done and with my momma and Olivia. I love these days of relaxing and watching Olivia... We played at the park, with the puppies, did bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. So crazy how time just keeps flying. I just wish i could hit the pause button just to take everything in...
Today I spent the morning with my momma, Olivia got to go to the Easter egg hunt in the park, and we seen my Grandma Brenda. Then we headed over to Dexter to spend some time with my in-laws. I love spending time with family and love watching everyone get to see Miss Olivia. Time always flies when we are down here.. I miss family. We are going to head over to my dad's early in the morning and spend the morning and head out after lunch and head HOME!! AHH I miss my husband SO very much and i look forward to seeing his handsome face tomorrow.

Goal... To find some type of blogging ideas to make my blog fun and more enjoyable... Any Ideas?!?!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What I Love About Sundays

I LOVE Sundays. I love getting up and going to church being in God's presence... Worshiping in our church is awesome. Our worship team is amazing at leading you to that special place with God. Our church is just amazing!!  I LOVE DC!!
We have spent the whole day outside. We have mowed, played outside, napped, went on a walk, made homemade pizza, and now we are watching Shrek Ever After. Olivia is SO much fun. She loves being outside and being active. I LOVE IT! She's now laying on her Dora couch watching the movie. I LOVE HER! I can't get enough of her. She is my everything. <3

Body For Life has been kind of rough for me the past couple weeks... I've still been consistent with losing and on Monday I weighed in at 139.4.... I'm praying tomorrow goes good too! I bought new jeans for the first time since Olivia was born. Instead of purchases my normal 10's. I got to purchase 6's! HUGE accomplishment. This week I will only get to work out Mon.-Wed. so I'm on my own to do cardio while I'm down in the bootheel. I know i will slack and eat unhealthy, but i'm going to try my hardest.
This week has a lot in store.... Working 3 full days and then headed down to be with my best friend while she delivers her first baby. I'm SO happy and excited for her and ask for lots of prayers her way...  She is going to be an amazing mother, just like she is a friend.  I'm so happy I get to be with her during this exciting time.
Olivia and I are going to take the trip down and be at the hospital with her Thursday and Friday. I plan to visit my momma, I miss that lady SO much.. :( One bad thing about being so far away from home is missing my parents. It's SO hard, because i never imagined being so far away from them. :( But I'm blessed we can visit lots and see each other.

Wanted to give a short spill about the sermon I heard this weekend...


1. Worship is not an event.
2. Worship is not music.
3. Worship is not a performance.
4. Worship is not just a feeling.
5. Worship is not something that is confined to one day a week.
6. Worship is not manufactured.
7. Worship is not just reserved for a select group.

Worship is SPIRIT and TRUTH!!!