Sunday, December 11, 2011

Proud Mommy Moment

Olivia was SO excited to go to church this morning... So when we arrived instead of going back to the nursery first thing we have started taking her with us to worship. The last two weeks have been awesome watching her sing and just enjoy being in the presence for the Lord. 
Today she wanted to stand on her own without being held... I was worshiping and looked down at her and her hands were together up by her chin and she had her eyes closed.... VERY PROUD MOMMY! 
She continued to do that the whole time we worshiped hands up and praying..... I love that she know Jesus loves her and how special he is. We talk about the nativity scene we have up in the living room and she always says "Baby Jesus is up there" SO SWEET! 
I'm SO proud of her!! She is growing up WAY to fast.... but i couldn't ask for a better little lady than her.. she completes me and fills my heart with so much love.

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