Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jordan Essentials October Special and BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH

October is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS month. We want you to be aware that aluminum and parabens in your deodorant can be a mock estrogen which is found in breast cancer tissues!! 

 Check your deodorant label for parabens and aluminum and if it has either throw it away

Do your own Google search for the effects of aluminum and parabens in your deodorant. We think you will see why Jordan Essentials is such an advocate of safe deodorants. 

Check out JE deodorant in 15 different fragrances including unscented. We use plant based science to control odor in a safe and natural way. Thanks for being an educated group of JE fans. We will donate $0.50 for every deodorant sold this month to breast cancer research. A little pink ribbon sticker on your deodorant will let you know it is a fundraiser. Thanks and God bless. -Nancy Bogart (Founder)

Here's the October Specials Flyer... The new fall scent is out right in time as the weather is starting to feel a little more fall in Missouri! For all my friends outside of Missouri it's a good smell even if the weather isn't quite "fallish" yet! :)

I would LOVE your support in pass along this information so if you come across my blog i would LOVE for you to share. Here's my link to my website where you can purchase anything you might need and it will ship directly to you... :) Want to have an online/book party just let me know and I can get you all the information. 

Our fundraiser is AMAZING you can earn up to 37 1/2% of your funds you make!! How awesome is that and it's something not everyone is doing and our lotion bars are seriously AMAZING and SUCH a cute idea for Christmas gifts!! :) You can do fundraisers for almost anything Just ASK! :)

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