Friday, December 14, 2012

Every Shooting Star Needs a Wish

Last night was a moment I hope Olivia treasures for a long time, I know her daddy and I sure will. We decided to go lay out a blanket and watch the meteor shower... After laying out there together we decided to come in and get Olivia. It's SO amazing the LITTLE things God's gives us to show us the PRECIOUS things in life... Olivia was AMAZED by all the shooting stars and how many wishes she got to make... She was in AH... and it was such an amazing moment to just sit and reflect on how much she has grown and how PRECIOUS our time is with our babies because they grow up oh so fast.

After last nights event and just listening and watching her with her daddy and taking in the moment I shed a few happy tears of how blessed we have been since the day she was born my little miracle baby who is now sooo smart and kind and growing TOOO fast.

Today's tragedy in the elementary school really made my night I had last night that much more special to me we are never promised tomorrow. I can NOT even begin to imagine the feelings the aching the mourning that is going on in Conn. It breaks my heart into pieces thinking of each precious baby who lost their life today. Innocent children who just wanted to learn and go home to play and love on their parents have gone to heaven to be with our amazing God...  Just like that it happened. Where are we safe anymore? It's scary and really makes you spot and think.. I held it together today at work until i got home and started listening to some of the news stories especially from other teachers and it just broke me down and all i could do was cry and hold my sweet Olivia and pray to God to keep her safe always.  And to provide comfort for the families who have lost an innocent baby :(

I'm very heavy hearted about this situation and I'm praying and praying for this country.

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