Friday, March 8, 2013

Teeth Problems (YUCK)

Well Happy 25 Weeks to me.. I'm headed to the endodonist at 6:30am for a root canal... I've had quite the week with my teeth... Idk if it's just me being pregnant or what but i did this SAME thing with Olivia but it was much earlier and i ended up having to have it pulled it was TERRIBLE.
I'm SOOO nervous... The last three nights i've gotten a total of about 12 hours of sleep and when i woke up at 3am in pain this morning i knew something has to be done... I'm worried about my baby and putting stress on her from me being stressed and having to take tylenol for pain every 8 hours... SO enough is enough and I just going to get it done and PRAY that it takes my pain away...
I get to come home and sleep for a few hours before going to work which is very nice because i'm exhausted and THANKFULLY there is nothing going on this weekend so i'm praying for lots of rest because next week is SPRING BREAK week and I have been planning to go to the bootheel and visit family, but i have to kick this pain and get back to normal... if not looks like Miss O might make her first trip without momma..

Anyway it's now 5am.. I'm going to try to lay down for another hour and rest before i have to leave to head to Springfield...

I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and I could use a few prayers this way for quick healing because being down with a 3 year old is NOT very much fun. :(

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