Thursday, April 11, 2013

Daddy and Olivia's First 5K COLOR RUN

Pre Race Pictures... That's a tough little girl right there!!

Well Olivia has official ran her first 5k... I SO wish i could have ran it with them, but my doctor recommended I didn't even walk it due to having a past of preterm labor... So taking ALL precautions.. I decided to drive to the first color station where I could get some pictures of Olivia and Daddy running and see how she liked it... Well i sat there for an hour and 40 minutes before their heat went but it was SO worth the smile on both of their faces.

First Color Station:
Yes that's Olivia on her daddy's shoulders.. SPOILED ;)

Here they GO.......

She LOVED it!!

After I watched them run through, I jumped in the car and drove over to Jordan Valley Park where i knew the finish line was and i could catch them as they finished up the race... After realizing Jeff had lost Stacey which is who i was keeping up with i was worried i wouldn't find them... BUT I DID :)

Finish Line:

All Good and MESSY!!

Look at that SMILE!!

Part of their team GR8R

Such a Daddy's Girl... 

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