Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall 2010

Just wanted to share some of our Fall Family Pictures!! These pictures show the reason my world goes round. I couldn't have ask for a better dream come true. I have the PERFECT little family that I've dreamed about since I was 5! My husband is my best friend and my backbone. He makes life worth living each day. He is the MOST incrediable man I've ever met. He is very attractive, sweet, uplifting, giving, and he gives Olivia and I more love than we could ever imagine. He is the BEST DADDY!! Olivia is our little miracle baby. We both just can't believe time as flown by. It seems like yesterday I was looking at my daughter through an incumbator and now she's running, talking, and learning SO much about life. It's the SIMPLE things in life that make her the happiest! I LOVE IT!! She's saying a bunch of different words- DaDa, Mom, MaMa, Tuck Tuck, Bye Bye, Me, Hi. She's VERY independent and LOVES doing things herself. Such a BIG GIRL!!

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