Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Potty Training and New Opportunities for the Rawson Household

Well the time has come.. We've been practicing for a few months just working on getting on the potty and off the potty and just liking the potty. I am ready for potty training.. Olivia is ready... But I have really no GREAT idea of how all of this works!! So if anyone has any good ideas or knows anyone who could give me a few pointers that would be AWESOME!! Today we got a potty that actually sits on the floor, we've been using the one that sits on the big potty... She really likes the potty that sits on the floor she can take herself to the potty and go! She's went twice this evening, but also pee'd her new dora panties 3-4 times.. yikes. The potty plays really cute music when she pees it's pretty sweet!
It's SO wild she is old enough to start potty training! :( Makes this momma SO sad.

Jeff has now accepted a new job and will start on July 5th. This is a HUGE change for us that comes with lots of changes... 7:30 start time and short Fridays, more money, and I believe a better work environment with people he actually will have things in common with. I think this opportunity will make him MUCH happier, which leads to a happier home.. :) I'm very excited for him and can't wait to share with everyone how he likes it.

As for me I just submitted my application to go "full time" with my current job. I'm "full time contract"now and work with the title one schools with our lower income grant funded programs, this job will allow me to work at two of the south side schools and do my own programming which i think would be AWESOME!! :) I'll be interviewing for this position soon and i'm looking forward to that change during the school year!!

More Details to Come and Pictures of Olivia and her new potty! :)

Hope everyone is having a GREAT summer!!


  1. Such exciting times for your beautiful family! :) Great news for Jeff!! And exciting opportunity for you too!! As for the potty training thing - I hope it's easy and smooth - but if not, just remember no one ever goes away to college in diapers - she'll get it eventually! :) Best book I ever read (the library has) is Toilet Training: The Brazelton Way.