Monday, July 18, 2011

Lots Of Blessings

Well this summer has been full of changes and blessings for my family. Jeff has started a new job with new hours, benefits, and pay :) He LOVES it! He always has stuff to do and they keep him busy and thats what he loves! Jeff loving his job makes for a happier husband!
As of yesterday I am now a full time employee with my job! I will be at our south side schools running my own programs with my ideas. I've very excited to start planning. If any one out there has good ideas for fun clubs to run after school... let me know!! :) I always am looking for new ideas to keep the kids having fun and being unique and not always the "same ol thing"
Olivia is getting SO big! Time has FLOWN by.... She is ALMOST 2!!! We are starting to think about her 2nd birthday and what we will do to celebrate!! We are thinking a swing set in the backyard and fall/winter clothes... She has a TON of toys and we have no more room!! I think she's old enough to enjoy the swing set through the fall and def. will be ready next spring/summer!
I love all the new things she says and does.. she LOVES dancing and singing... she is FULL of energy... She likes to talk... She has a little boyfriend at school she talks about all the time! It's SUCH a blessing to just watch her interact and see how smart she is. We are working on the ABC's and doing a WONDERFUL job!! I couldn't be more proud of her!! She is mommy's everything!! <3

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