Sunday, October 16, 2011

Girl's Night In

This weekend has been a blast! Friday night we just hung out at home and played with Olivia. Saturday was a day full of fun for Olivia and I. We went and checked on my soccer games for work, did some yard sales, had Wendy's for lunch, and let daddy go into Lowe's to check out some stuff for "Trunk or Treat" which will be happening in two weeks and we have to start getting our stuff made. After a long nap for Olivia and some mommy time of going to tan and going to a consignment shop to look for Olivia some new jeans since she is growing too tall for hers we went and picked up two of our favorite girls Anna and Kate.
These girls belong to one of my boss's at work and they are long time friends of mine. I've been watching the oldest one since she was Olivia's age... and now she's in 1st grade!! (Time Flies) We headed to the park and played for about 2 hours headed home where all the fun began. Pizza, sugar cookies *with lots of icing*, baths, movies, and painting nails... SO. MUCH. FUN!! I LOVE little girls they are SO much fun.  Here's some photos of the eventful night we had....

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