Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Adelynn *2 Months*

I cant believe my little lady is already 2 Months old.. wow time flies! Over the last month Adelynn has grown SO much... She is lifting her head so good and so very alert following people as they talk to her. She loves to sit up and look out at everything going on. She is cooing and smiling like crazy... 

She loves for you to talk to her and she will just smile and smile... it seriously melts my heart. She still is spitting up but the prevacid seems to be helping... hoping they will give us a liquid form of it at the doctor on Monday. I cant wait to see how big she is and how much she has grown. :) Although im not looking forward to her shots :*( 

She is still sleeping in the rock n play being swaddled, but we are starting to transition to the pack n play for a bit longer im not ready for you to leave my bed side... I love being able to spend time with you and know it will go by super fast... please slow down.

The last month has been super busy we've been to SDC, you had a new cousin Eliza, camping at Norfork, St. Louis trip to the zoo and to meet Aunt Heather and family, and we are now in the bootheel for a funeral but you are meeting lots of family who are SO excited to see you. To top it off we went back to work last week working 730-1/130 and the best part is you get to come with me everyday. I'm SO thankful to have such an amazing job.

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  1. Love you sweet baby A! Now if only you and E could stop growing on us :) See you soon little lady!