Wednesday, August 21, 2013

St. Louis Trip

Well we had a busy but fun weekend in St. Louis... It was the first trip we took both girls and it was def. a success! We headed down on Friday at around 3ish... The ride went really smooth.. Adelynn did awesome with the help of her big sis in the back seat... We arrived right in time to get there visit for a minute and head out on our double date to the Rascal Flatts concert with Heather and Joe.  It was SO much fun... It was like we had just seen each other.. She is one of the few friends i have we can pick up like it hadnt been about 7 months since i last seen her... its crazy how that works. We had a blast at the concert... yummy nachos and the best entertainment there was right in front of us... about 4 drunk college kids and it was awesome. We all got a chuckle and reminisced about the college days. 

After the concert and heading over to the hotel to check on the girls and see my family...  Jeff and I decided to head to the casino.. that's always a terrible idea but ya know... We had FUN.. we lost but at least enjoyed ourselves and headed to White Castle... After that it was most def bed time seeing how it was 2:30-3am!!

Saturday consisted of visiting the zoo with Heather's family and my mom, brad, and Alli. It was a blast. The kiddos had fun and started talking to each other and having fun. I cant believe how much they both have grown... 

Later that afternoon we headed back to Heathers house and BBQ'd and hung out with the kiddos for the evening. It was so much fun catching up and just watching our oldest play. Time flies when you are having fun and it was time for bed. Sunday was our day to go home but we woke up and Heather made pancakes YUM. and then we went to her parents and then to bye bye baby... 

I got to see another friend while we were there and we had lunch at PF changs.... AMAZING. It was great to see her so happy too :) she has a precious fiance and im so happy for them!! 

Overall a VERY blessed weekend. Miss my girls. 

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