Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back To The Blogging World

Well... the last blog i posted my little lady was only 9 months old... WOW time flies...  She just turned 16 months this past Monday... She goes to the doctor next Friday so i can get some stats on her.. We have been busy with a move and haven't got to go to the doctor yet for our 15 months..

Over the past few months our family went through A LOT of changes...

1. Jeff got a new job and moved to Southeast Mo to Cape Girardeau where he lived with my best friend from high school and her boyfriend for 3 months... From June 23rd to Sept 19th... When we finally sold our home and got to move with daddy...  THAT WAS AN AWFUL 3 months without daddy home..

2. We rented a home in Jackson where we plan to raise our kiddos... It's a beautiful place and not too big.. its really perfect for our family.

3. We just put a contract on a new home in the exact subdivision we wanted to live in... I swear God works in ways I like to question, BUT i find if its supposed to be he will show you and let you know you made the correct decisions... and over the past two days all i can say is WOW.

4. I started my own business doing an in home daycare like I've thought about for a long time. I loved working with my friends but this allows me to stay home with my kiddos and make income doing what i love. I left a few kiddos who have a piece of my heart and always will, but i have 3 new kiddos who have gained a piece of it too.

5. We only live 45 mins away from our family and less than that from others (my sister) it is AMAZING. I LOVE IT!

The kiddos of course are growing up fast and we are just getting settled into our rental and we will be closing on our new house probably in Dec. they are working on it now and it should be done within the next month! SO excited!

I am SO thankful for all of this craziness we have been through. There are times i thought i was going to break and i was completely lost without Jeff at home with me for 3 months. I  NEVER EVER want to go through that again... I'm an AWFUL single parent and look to Jeff for so much. I knew we were blessed with 8-5 jobs, but after those 3 months now i REALLY am thankful and appreciate that along with every weekend with us.

We have made new friends already and been on play dates and double dates... I get to see friends i have missed these last 10 years, but I miss my friends back in Republic especially my bestie :( Its rougher sometimes than others but change is a hard thing...

Our goal right now is we are focused on finding our family a church home... We've visited a couple just haven't found what we are looking for...

Life is good just wanted to update and hopefully i can start keeping up with this better i wish i would have blogged through Jeff being gone but he had the computer and most nights i was too tired to blog after working full time, houses duties, a full huge garden, two kids, and a hubby 4.5 hours away.. WHEW...

THANKFUL to be together as a family again. God has been so good to us and so faithful.

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