Monday, March 24, 2014

Adelynn *9 Months*

How in the world can it be possible you are 9 months old!! This past month you have really started to talk saying mama dada bye bye hi.. You have started blowing kisses and waving all the time.. Also you have started walking between stuff and letting go taking about 6-8 steps at a time.. 

At your check up you are 17 lb 11oz (43%) and 28 1/4 (80%) I thought u would be bigger but she says u are going to be tall and lean.. Just like your sister!

You are a HUGE momma's girl..  You always want me.. I guess is time doe separation anxiety to start and I'm sure it doesn't help you are with me all the time at school but I cherish each day I get with you... I'll take you being a mommy girl ❤️

You still only have 2 little teeth on bottom but I believe you are starting to teeth the top 4 teeth are so swollen :( 

Sleeping is still not consistent... Some nights are better than others... U will cry and put urself back to sleep others u wil
scream and scream until we bring a bottle in.. Dr suggest we start doing water but you were NOT loving that last night!

Eating is going great you LOVE to eat.. You definitely like table food.. You are so independent that u like to feed yourself so I usually give you whatever we are having for dinner.. At school you enjoy eating with the older kids so I give you pancakes, waffles, toast..along with a fruit. Other days u will eat oatmeal or yogurt.. Lunch is always a meat, veggie and fruit and u do good eating with the other kiddos! 

You are wearing mostly 9 month clothes but some stuff you can fit into that's 6-9 month..  Diapers are 3's but believe u would still be in 2s if we had some pampers but for now the cute little pink diapers are ADORABLE! 

You LOVE playing with other kids at school..  You are a dare devil and kind of rough.. You make me so nervous following the other kids and taking off walking on the tile floor but u always catch yourself.. You love singing and clapping, playing peek a boo, and you have also enjoyed the afternoons we get to spend OUTSIDE.. We got to have your first visit to the park to swing and omgosh you ❤️'d it!! You just laughed and smiled and even kept your cute little shades on.. You are def going to be an outside girl.. 

Slow down little lady.. I look back at pictures and can't believe how fast time has been going.. I Love You. 

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