Monday, August 29, 2011

Excited For School

This weekend was full of fun... Shopping with my mother in law, bbq'n, hangin' out, and enjoying life! Sunday Funday was consumed with lots of yard work! We have a fencing company doing an estimate today! How awesome would that be privacy in my own backyard?!? Ahh! I'm hoping for a goood estimate when I get home!

Thanks for everyone who took time out to pray for Miss Ellie.. She went to be with the Lord yesterday. Her parents are some of the strongest people. I've never even talked to them but by reading their blog their faith in the Lord comes out. I'm praying for peace for Ellie's mommy and daddy. If you missed my post about this sweet little girl here's the link... Ellison Kate 

This just brings my heart.. it seems just like yesterday i was home cuddled up with my precious baby girl! She is the SMARTEST little girl I've ever. She knows her colors and can say pretty much anything she wants.
She is my everything. I never knew you could love someone as much as i love this little girl.

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