Sunday, August 21, 2011


If you come across by blog please go here and PRAY for this family. Pray for a miracle from God to heal their precious baby girl and pray for the emotions and healing that are going on with the parents. God is in control. I believe God will heal this precious baby! Thanks ahead of time. Also pray for baby Anaiah Phillips... 
Anaiah Phillips, 18 months, was tragically and accidentally backed over by a car. Her skull was fractured, lungs were pierced with broken rib. These will heal on their own; however, her spinal cord was also stretched leaving her paralyzed from the neck down. The doctors are not giving us any hope that she will ever recover from this. Yet, by the grace and power of our Allmighty God, she will be healed, in Jesus Name! Let us pray for Anaiah, believe that God will hear our prayers, see our faith and heal her. There is nothing that is impossible for our God. He is above all things and can do anything exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask and think. In the name of Jesus Christ, pray for the healing of her spinal cord where she lays. We will not accept what the doctors say, or what the unbelievers say, or those who say they believe yet doubt. We are expecting a FULL recovery!!

After reading about Kate and Anaiah my heart is SO heavy... I can't begin to imagine the pain they are going through and the emotional roller coaster they have been on.... It makes me take a minute and thank God for how awesome he is... How awesome he is for having a reason for why he does things... i know sometimes we dont understand and it's hard. Everyone PLEASE pray for these families.

I'm SO very thankful for my daughter and although the times we went through in the beginning, i look back now at what a testimony she has. She was a fighter.. She was strong... She was JUST LIKE HER MOMMA! I love this little girl with everything in me! She keeps me going and makes life so much fun. She is my everything and acts just like me! We are starting to prepare for her 2nd birthday party. We are doing Dora the Explorer again... why you ask? Because that's what she wants :) I'm SO excited to start planning! Time flies but i'm SO thankful God gave me the opportunity to be Olivia's Mommy! 

Olivia in the NICU after being born 8 weeks early.
Olivia growing so fast! 1st Halloween 2009

Nothing like a Daddy and Daughter Relationship
I'm SO very thankful for my husband and daughter. They are my everything! Thanks for loving me forever and always Jeff Rawson. You are the BEST daddy in the WHOLE world. I feel very blessed to be your wife and the mother of your princess. I Love You!

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