Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Olivia in her Pajamas before we left for school!!

Today was AWESOME!! Pajama and Movie day at school  work and lots of candy, valentine's day cards, and smiling kiddos faces!! I LOVED watching Olivia hand out valentine's day cards and get so excited about everyone putting their cards in her bag!!

Very interested in her friends putting the cards into her bag

Olivia and Jovi SO SWEET!

Sharing her butterfly valentine's we homemade :)

AGAIN!! I LOVE being a part of this journey!! SO thankful for my job!

After we got home and cooked daddy a spaghetti dinner and surprised him with a candy a coupon to go buy his cardinals hat we let Olivia open all of her cards and she tried every piece of her candy... SPOILED!! ;)

I got spoiled by the kids too!! We have awesome kids and parents!! Once again BLESSED with an amazing job!!

Ended the night with a hot cappuccino and riding around our little town geocaching... We found 3 which is awesome in the dark... LOVE spending time with my little family!!  SO MUCH FUN!! SO looking forward to spring/summer/fall!! SO much family time and outside time!! For now lots of cuddling and playing inside!! 

Lastly I have the BEST husband...  I love the flowers, purse, massage, and facial... BUT the SWEETEST part is watching Olivia's eyes LIGHT UP when her daddy gave her the rose and how excited she was... And the sweet note inside the card about his love for me... I am SO thankful!! He is THE BEST!! Thank You for spoiling me and Olivia and being an AWESOME leader for our family. You are our rock and we are so blessed to have you. 

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  1. I love her hands on her hips in the first picture! :) too cute!