Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday FUNday

What a GREAT day!! We started out going to the early service this morning at 8:30am!! We then decided to get our grocery shopping done ate at Subway and headed home for the rest of the day!! We decided to make our own Valentine's and also make the grandparents a little something :)

She was SO excited!!

I'm Ready Mom!! 

Laughing... Music to my HEART!

Coloring just like her daddy

Kisses for Mommy!

Our Valentine's 

Again!! SUPER cute!

Project for the grandparents

She was having so much fun!!


Grandparent's Gift for Valentine's Day

After all the craftiness this momma was so tired... We took a 2 hour nap and snuggled!! LOVE SUNDAY NAPS WITH MY LITTLE LADY!!  I decided to make Chicken and Dumplings for dinner SO YUMMY!! After dinner we got to visit with Uncle Bobby and Aunt Hannah!! Olivia didn't want them to leave.. She wanted to go too... Lucky for her she will get to spend all evening with them in a week!! Lucky Little Girl!! :)

Football Time with Bobby

Tackling Him!! SO sweet!

VERY awesome Day.. Wish everyday were lazy and spent with my two favorites... BUT luckily I have an awesome job and get to spend the days with my little lady and EVERY evening with my man! Pretty Lucky Girl!!

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