Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Program

Olivia's Christmas Program was on Monday night and it was adorable like always.. I love getting her all dressed up and watching her get up there and sing... Hard to believe she is four and so grown up and pretty. 

I was thankful for one of my best friends who was able to come and watch her. Family being far away stinks sometimes and this is one of those times.. But we understand and make do with best friends that help fill in the gap when no one is able to make it. 

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?! Ahh!!

These two are gonna be trouble :)

This is Olivia's BFF as they call each other. They hang out everyday and go to school together and come back to me at lunch time. He calls her Rainbow and we have now started watching power rangers and super hero shows at our house ;) 

After the program this is what she got 

An "O" necklace from Brody Man! It was so sweet!!! 

I'm very thankful for an awesome preschool for Olivia to go to and learn. I love all the girls over there and know she's in good hands for the few hours she goes in the mornings. And the best thing is she LOVES it and seeing all if her friends. 

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