Friday, December 27, 2013

Adelynn *6 Months*

You are sitting and crawling EVERYWHERE... and you got your FIRST tooth the bottom left one and the right one is right behind...  You love eating food.. especially your little yumm yumm crackers and puffs. You get your food at dinner time and we are going to start in doing some in the morning too.. You are taking a 6 oz bottle about every 3-4 hours... You are a growing girl... Can't wait to see what your weight/height is at your appointment on Tuesday! 

Sleeping is going better we have had a couple all night sleeps, but usually up to give you a binky about once or twice a night sometimes that doesn't work and you will take a 4 oz bottle in the middle of the night or sleep with mommy and daddy. You are just a tid bit spoiled especially after the holidays and all the grandparent lovin you got. 

You are still taking gentlease 100% of the time.. We add cereal in at night to help fill your belly. You are holding your own bottle and would rather lay in the floor and eat than someone hold you and try to feed you. We are off of the prescription baby miralax, but started you on the one you get over the counter we mix one cap with 8 oz and you get 1 oz with your morning bottle... Talk about MUCH happier! :) 

You are wearing  6 month clothes and sometimes 6-9 mo and Diapers are now 2's..  You have some chunky little legs :) 

Your sister is loving you being on the move and being able to play with you more since you can move and hold yourself up for long periods of time. You are one of the happiest babies. Your smile is contagious and your giggles fills my heart with so much happiness..

Mae Mae Crawling.. <3

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