Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm stinking at keeping up on my blog.

Life has been SOOO stinkin' BUSY with two kiddos and holidays and everything going on.. My girls are growing up so fast and time is flying and I. HATE. IT! UGH.

Friday was a SNOW DAY!! Even daddy stayed home. We slept in, took naps, played in the snow and then I had my annual SAS Tea Party.

Thanksgiving break was awesome we got to go down to the bootheel and got to spend time with all of our parents and grandparents and see aunts, uncles, cousins, and everyone it was GREAT. I sure do miss all of them! :( I love watching the kiddos interact with them all especially watching Olivia play with all the kiddos she misses all the time.

Since Thanksgiving we have been doing lots of holiday stuff. We have the house all decorated up.. We did our yearly tradition and got the girls their ornaments. Adelynn got her FIRST Christmas and Olivia got her big sister one... 

We also started a couple new things with the girls since Olivia is getting older and understands a lot more. 1. We bought an elf.. no elf on the shelf because i'm not spending 30 bucks on an elf and i dont really understand the point of all the chaos of it.. but just a few dollar one and she heads to the north pole at night, moves to a new place, and watches over the girls during day. 2. We started the 25 days of book tradition and Olivia opens up a book every night.. She LOVES reading and this has been a BLAST!! Some nights we just read other nights we have hot cocoa or just all snuggle up on the floor.. So much fun. 
Instead of buying gifts for the girls we decided each year we are going to do something with them before Christmas so they will have a memory that they remember sharing with us each year. Today we our "Date Day" This year we visited the Dixie Stampede.. It was SOOO stinkin' much fun. She LOVED it. Adelynn passed out but Olivia kept her eyes on the show the whole time. We did some shopping at the Landing and got to visit with SANTA.

Omgosh. Santa was AMAZING. There was NO line we got to let Olivia sit on his lap and talk to him for like 5 minutes and take a pic then Adelynn joined in and just watched him and they took a picture together and then Adelynn by herself... She could NOT get enough of him. AH. Precious! Bass Pro in Branson is AMAZING :) and He was one of the best santas!! 

Melt Me. Im SO blessed with SUCH great kiddos. They are both so amazing in their own ways. They make my heart full everyday. Hope everyone is having a very joyful holiday season. I'm feeling very blessed and enjoying every minute with my family. <3

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