Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Adelynn *7 Months*

You are on the GO..  Crawling and now starting to pull up and take steps...
You LOVE your walker and you pull up on EVERYTHING. You got your first knot today at school :( but you only cried for a minute and back on you went to play.. Everyone says you are going to be an early walker.. We shall see you are growing WAY too fast i do know that. SLOW DOWN.

You got another tooth on the bottom so now you have two little teeth.. They are adorable!

Sleeping is NOT going good at all the past two weeks you are up and down and whining ALL night long.. I think you have a bit of a cold with cough and congestion-- but the doctors say there is nothing they can do it will go away. Last night we put you in your car seat and you slept for a little while but man it's rough being up all night and working. 

You are still taking gentlease 100% of the time.. We add oatmeal in at night to help fill your belly. You are holding your own bottle and would rather lay in the floor and eat than someone hold you and try to feed you... The only bottle you will let me hold you to feed you is your night night bottle.

You are still taking miralax 1 oz per day to help keep you not constipated... which is going  A LOT better. 

You are wearing 6 month clothes and sometimes 6-9 mo and Diapers are now 2's..

We are working on saying "MA MA" lol but i'm sure you will shout out "da da" before :)

You will wave hi and bye sometimes and love playing peek a boo.

You are such a sweet little lady.. I love your smile and watching you and sissy play. Can't wait to see how much fun yall have together this summer.

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