Saturday, March 1, 2014

Adelynn *8 Months*

Wow.. You are SOOO busy and into EVERYTHING. You are the opposite of your sister who would sit and play with toys forever.. You are knocking over picture frames, pulling up on the table and grabbing things, and just into ANYTHING that is NOT toys.. :) I wouldn't trade it for the world, but man slow down you are making mommy SO tired.

You still only have 2 little teeth on bottom and you smile showing them ALLL the time.. You are always cracking up laughing at your sister who LOVES to make you laugh and you are always smiling ESP. when you see a camera or phone... 
Sleeping is So-So.. There are sometimes you will sleep ALL night without a peep, other nights you want to eat in the middle of the *this is most nights* You will eat at 4oz bottle and put yourself back to sleep... You LOVE LOVE LOVE the binky... I think i'm going to regret this later, but for now you sleep with about 4 of them so you can find one and it soothes you back to sleep. We have been trying to let you soothe yourself, but if you dont and you cry too hard of course we get you a bottle we will keep working on this :)

You are eating lots more table food and some baby food.. Usually in the morning you will eat some oatmeal and fruit, lunch depends on what we are having at school but i always give you some veggies along with crackers, bread, or like friday some little pieces of chicken nugget. You love peaches :) 

You have regulated yourself with going to the bathroom so no more miralax :) YAY! 

You are wearing 6 6-9 and some 9 month clothes and Diapers are now 2's but we only have luvs right now and they seem to be a little snug going to start some 3's until we get more 2's that are pampers.. 

Your first word that you said and put with someone was MAMA!!! YAY! I was SO stinkin excited.. then you started saying "bye bye bye" with a little wave and DaDa.. SO stinkin CUTE!! 

You love dancing, singing, reading books,  being bounced, Olivia talking to you and chasing you on her hands and knees.. You just giggle and giggle... Love singing and clapping your hands... Putting stuff into a bucket or box and dumping it out.. and just playing with everything you especially like the legos at school and chasing the other little ones around... 

The newest game is pulling up and letting go and just standing there... I have a feeling walking will be happening soon.. You will walk around the couches and anything you can stand and push you walk but you've only taken 2 or so steps letting go. 

You are learning SO much. SO fast. It melts my heart watching you. I'm SO thankful I get to be with you all the time.. You are defiantly a momma's girl and i wouldn't change that for the world. I love you Mae Mae baby. <3

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