Saturday, January 18, 2014


I always love holidays because we usually get to spend time with all of our family which being 4 hours away doesnt always allow us to spend as much time as we would like to with all of them. I miss them all very much and im thankful for the time when we get to visit.

Here are my little turkeys that i am VERY thankful for. Both of them with their own little personalities and bring so much joy to our lives. I made their cute little turkey shirts this year which im super proud of :) i thought they were adorable and not to mention under 10 bucks a piece. Score.

We did our normal routine on Thanksgiving day which is to eat with Jeff's family in the morning and spend time with them and then we head over to my moms and have dinner in the afternoon.

 After resting for a bit it's our annual Black Friday shopping. This year it started so early so we decided to wait and go later we headed out about 930pm. It was a BLAST as always, but i was SUPER sleepy.

All smiles at the beginning of the night. 

Friday we had Thanksgiving with my dad and grandma and sisters..  it was great spening time with them.

After spending the afternoon with them we headed to cape to celebrate the boys birthdays Brad, Jeff and Tyler. We went to the new Japanases place and it was AMAZING. 

Saturday night Jeff and I went on a little date to eat some mexican and to the movies to see Catching Fire. It was a really good movie. lt's always super nice to get out and enjoy each other without kiddos.

Loving this little blessed life I live. 

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