Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Awake21" Prayer and Fasting

The last few days have been full of lots of thinking of what am I going to do during our 21 day fast at church. I was thinking about what takes up my time throughout my days and keeps me busy not in the Word or paying attention to my family. Facebook came to mind more than once and tonight I made the big decision. Facebook. I spend too much time looking at others lives and not enough time in mine. 
I'm going to spend the next 21 days focusing only on my family and in the Word of God. Jeff and I are going to start our devotional we are doing together tomorrow and continue reading our bible. We were challenged to read the bible in one year. We have been doing very well. This will be my first time all the way through and we have been using the Ipad on You Version and it has been VERY helpful. You can bookmark verses, write notes, and read each lesson over and over. It's AMAZING. Jeff is fasting drinking ONLY water...  which is going to be hard for him..  he loves his coffee, tea, and diet pepsi ;) lol. 
This is the first time we've ever really taken part of a fast and we are excited. Life groups will be starting soon for us and we are taking part in one together called, iMarriage. Also I will be still going to Women's Group where we are continuing Proverbs 3. We are learning to be Virtuous Women- I love spending time with the ladies in our church sharing stories, studying the word, and having a yummy dessert each Monday! 
Also an update on the working out it's actually been going AWESOME. For once I didn't give up when i was so sore. Friday I could barely sit on the toilet it was pretty terrible, but good pain. I worked out everyday last week but Friday and went to boot camp 2x! Yippie! 

Well I hope everyone has an awesome blessed week! 

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