Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's 2011

2010 was an amazing year. I started the year off by just staying home with Olivia and watching another little girl somedays. April 12, 2010 I started a full time job, which was a huge change in my life and i never thought i would stand the thought of Olivia being in "daycare" or as we call it school. She has learned SO much from all the other kiddos and she LOVES it. I'm SO thankful for each teacher that works with her and how much she has came since April.  Being a premiee hasn't stopped her from anything she's one of the most advanced almost 16 months old i know. It's AMAZING. And I'm SO thankful! We lost our dog in January and it was such a burden to our family we miss him SO very much :(  In December only a week ago we lost our neighbor one of Jeff's best friends, and it was very rough and is STILL rough. We are dealing with it each day, but not a day goes by we don't talk about him. He was such an inspiration for others and ALWAYS made your day. He was just an awesome person with SUCH an uplifting personality. We are going to miss him SO very much in the backyard. Just praying for his wife he had to leave behind. She's SUCH a wonderful person and I pray for time to heal her. Life is rough sometimes and we ask "why?" and no one will ever know the answer to why bad things happen to good people ... (just NOT fair)
Starting 2011 I pray for the health of everyone around me. I pray for God to touch the sick and bring home the soldiers that have had to leave their families ands kids behind. I have been truly blessed by God and I have a husband and Baby Daddy who is ALWAYS here for me and Olivia. We work the same shifts and we always have family time at night. I take this for granted and then i remember not everyone has the jobs and the time to have family time everyday.
I have a lot of goals for 2011 that i hope to see some answered.. of course these include getting more fit, not drinking tons of soda, and to blog more often. But more importantly I want to be more connected to God. I wanna be an example and lead and live in God's word. I want Olivia to know God and start to understand how awesome he is.

Lastly... I want to say thank you to my family, friends, and co-workers for everything each of you have done for me in this last year. I have made MANY new friends that i know are going to be lifetime friends. Sarah Foster.. I LOVE YOU. Thank you for everything you do for me and making work not seem "too bad" :) Heather moved to Republic this year and it has been SO awesome having her back in my life... I really dont know what i did without her :( But SO very thankful God moved her back and gave her and her husband awesome jobs!! Crystal- I miss you SOOOO much!! I'm SO thankful that 4 hrs apart we still have that connection we have always had and all i have to do is text you and make a difference. I can't wait until baby Eli comes and we can finally see him and love on him. He's going to be beautiful JUST LIKE YOU.

Jeff- Thank you for sharing another year with me and giving me the greatest gift anyone could ever give to me. I dont know what we ever did without Olivia. Things have changed so much and we've been through some rough times, but I know no matter what we have to go through you will always be my best friend and we will make it!! :) I love you very much.

I have everyone has a very blessed and GREAT 2011!!  (now to go do some ABS) :)

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