Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wish I Could Hit The Pause Button

Olivia is 19 Months Old TODAY! Time has went by WAY too fast. Last night as she wanted to lay with me on the couch she fell asleep and this NEVER happens. She is VERY independent and wants to be in her own bed by herself. I started thinking and remembering all the little things and how much she has changed.
She is no longer a baby and that makes me so sad. She is VERY sassy and wants it her way or no way. I wouldn't change this a bit because she is def. mommy's little diva princess!! She is very talkitive and will go to almost anyone. She is very outgoing and LOVES being outside!!
She is now talking in some sentences.. "Where he/she Go?" Where puppy Go? My Mommy.. My Daddy.. 1, 2, 3 and A, B, C... Just some of the new cute things she is saying. She loves Patty Cake and The Itsy Bitsy Spider.. She is def. a dancer and LOVES music.
We are going for a screening next week with Parents as Teachers and I'm SO excited to see what they think of how smart she is. :) I believe she got her daddy's smart genes... Especially books!! They both LOVE books!!
I can still remember wondering when I was going to get to take her home and to be a family of 3 instead of having to leave her in the NICU and go home without her. This was the WORSE feeling I have EVER felt and pray when we decide to have another baby this does not happen. Who would have ever thought she would grow up and be so smart SO stinkin' FAST! I need a PAUSE button!!
I'm SO proud of her for doing so good this past year with daycare or so we call it "School." She has been attending her school for a year now. Hard to believe I've been a working mommy for a YEAR! She loves her teachers and playing with all the kids. She doesn't cry anymore.. Just a Kiss Goodbye and she is off to Play. I never thought I'd miss the cry, but sometimes I wish she still was so attached.
She has been such a blessing and I have never felt such love for anything in the whole world. She has my whole heart and there isn't anything in the world I wouldn't do for that girl..

Mommy Loves You Olivia Paige!! Happy 19 Months!! <3

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