Saturday, April 9, 2011

This Week/End Has Been Very Much Needed

Anyways.... Life is Good I have a new things I can't wait to tell the blogging world as soon as i hear a few more details I will be adding these new exciting things to share with everyone :) AH.... God is GOOD!!!
I've been in the bootheel since Wednesday night. I got to be with one of my best friends through a very long and hard labor that ended with a c-section. She was wonderful she did so good through it all I was so proud of her. Eli William entered the world Friday night around 9ish and weighed 7 lbs 11oz and 19.5 inches long and looks just like his momma to me!! I love it!!
I spent the yesterday getting my hair done and with my momma and Olivia. I love these days of relaxing and watching Olivia... We played at the park, with the puppies, did bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. So crazy how time just keeps flying. I just wish i could hit the pause button just to take everything in...
Today I spent the morning with my momma, Olivia got to go to the Easter egg hunt in the park, and we seen my Grandma Brenda. Then we headed over to Dexter to spend some time with my in-laws. I love spending time with family and love watching everyone get to see Miss Olivia. Time always flies when we are down here.. I miss family. We are going to head over to my dad's early in the morning and spend the morning and head out after lunch and head HOME!! AHH I miss my husband SO very much and i look forward to seeing his handsome face tomorrow.

Goal... To find some type of blogging ideas to make my blog fun and more enjoyable... Any Ideas?!?!

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