Thursday, April 28, 2011


We had a VERY amazing Easter I LOVE spending time with Jeff and Olivia. They complete me and make my world such a happy place.

Friday we just hung out together and cuddled... Saturday was a long day at Servolution (where we served the community it was AWESOME) then we got ready for church service and then went to Nakato (Our Favorite Restaurant) Sunday morning the Easter bunny had stopped by and seen Olivia... We went and seeen the Easter bunny at Bass Pro, Dyed Easter Eggs, and made our FIRST Easter bunny cake. What a BLESSED AMAZING weekend!! AHH!! Diet Back on Monday!! This whole Easter, Incredible Pizza field trips for 2 weeks has really put a damper on things :) lol

My Family at Servolution

Happy Easter Going to Church

The Easter Bunny Came and Visited Olivia

Dying Easter Eggs 2011

Ready for the Egg Hunt

Our First Easter Cake

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