Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Olivia

My baby is 2!! She had an awesome day! She got woke up by mommy and daddy in her bed singing happy birthday... We loved on her all morning and sent her to school with cookies for her birthday! :) On the way to school we seen a rainbow... and she LOVES rainbows.. a PERFECT start to her birthday... 
She got balloons at school, read books, and played outside. We came home and got ready and out to eat when went to Red Lobster... Olivia wasn't so sure this time about the fish and shrimp, but she ate biscuits and french fries... good birthday dinner right? lol! 
We followed dinner by coming home and cuddling in bed and tickling Olivia just to hear her laughter!! Then it was time for a dance party and we all danced around the bedroom! She LOVES music and dancing! 
Tomorrow morning is our 2 year old check up I'm excited to see her progress on weight and height and what they think about all her talking ability.... She talks in sentences... I want them.. I dont want that. There _____ is.  Look at that. Mommy is _________. Daddy is _______. I love listening to her sweet voice.. especially the words... "I wub you mommy" BEST WORDS EVER! I'm one lucky momma! 

Olivia Paige 11:48pm 4lbs 3oz 17 1/4 in. long... Amazing God's plan in life.. but I'm sure glad he blessed me with my "miracle baby" 

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