Friday, September 2, 2011

3 Day Weekend?! YES PLEASE! :)

Well to start off my Friday... I was on my way to work and after about having a wreck I see a little doggie who is running across the road. I couldn't just pass him up so I drove up to the next road turned around... By the time i got back to the puppy another lady had stopped to check on him.... She had to go to work... SO.. I took the puppy with me, he is SOOO stinkin' sweet and was so good at work with me today. The ladies took care of him while I worked and then he came home with me. I was SURE someone was missing him and would pick him up... BUT it's almost MIDNIGHT and still no calls from craigslist, animal control, or the vet's office...
With that being said.... The sweet little guy, known as "Buddy" as Olivia calls him is asleep on a cowboys blanket at my feet...  He's a little obsessed with me and doesn't want to leave my side... As much as I hope to find the owner..  I love his little face and after one day with him will miss him when he leaves.... BUT today.... I was his HERO! :)
After all the excitement of the doggie, I enjoyed an evening soaking up my family and feeling very blessed to have such an amazing husband who is always there for me. We had our neighbor, Sandy over for dinner tonight and I always love her company... She's SUCH a sweetheart!! It was nice visiting and catching up with everything going on in life it's nice to actually stop and take life in. We aren't granted tomorrow and i hope everyone knows how much they mean to me!
This long weekend..... I have plans of spending lots of time with my little family, shopping with the bestie, hanging out in the backyard, and enjoying the cool weather. Enjoying these last 3 days before life gets very busy for me for the next 2 months!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!  Remember take time and SOAK up your family and friends.... After all that's what LIFE IS ABOUT!! <3

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