Monday, September 12, 2011

Two Years Ago Today....

Two years ago today... I was about to go to sleep for the last time being "pregnant." The "two of us" on our last date night as a couple before there were "three of us" Time has flown by and as I watched my precious miracle baby go to sleep tonight while listening to worship music I just thanked God for EVERY moment I have had with my sweet little Olivia. September 13 will be a day that forever changed my life and my heart and has allowed me to know a love that I never knew I had. God had a plan and I didn't see it..
Being admitted to the hospital at 32 weeks is not a good feeling...  It was the most emotional time in my 26 years I've been alive. It brought me closer to God, my husband, and my family. I thanked God everyday and still do for being with my family through such a roller coaster ride.
But looking back at those 24 days... time stood still for once in my life... I wasn't worried about work, gossip, or who was doing what... I was fully focused on God, Olivia, and my husband. The 3 most important things on this earth.
Life is Good and God is Good! I'm so thankful for the life he's giving me and I look forward to everyday with my family. I have been very blessed.
Tomorrow is Olivia's 2nd birthday. We had her party this weekend and she had so much fun. All of our family was in town and for only a few short hours I had everyone i needed in one spot. Everything was "perfect" in my eyes. Playing volleyball with my sisters, watching my beautiful daughter run, laugh, and play, and my parents to just to soak it all in. I'm SO thankful for days like that. In that moment I  know God is doing work and allowing my happiness to be on overload and I LOVE IT!
But all good things came to an end and they all had to leave and we all split ways like the other 364 days of the year... Sure wish I could change this and that's a plan i want to accomplish. There will be more "perfect" days of my family being all together starting now!
I'm looking forward for tomorrow...  Olivia is taking cookies to school for her birthday and sharing with all her friends and school family. And after work we are going to Red Lobster to celebrate! I'm SO excited. Wednesday is 2 year old shots :( *No Fun* And a hang with mom day... I'm looking SO forward to this day! I have no big plans just want to soak up my little angel all day!!

Happy Birthday Miss Olivia Paige. Mommy and Daddy *aka Buddy* Love You SO Much!! <3

Here's some pictures from Olivia's 2nd Birthday Party:

All Because Two People Fell In LOVE

Thanks Everyone for making Olivia's birthday so special and being apart of our family. We love you all!! 

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  1. This has me in tears! I remember how scared I was when she was born-what a miraculous little baby!