Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friends Make Life SO Much Fun!

I have had an AWESOME day! We spent the morning helping out with Servolution one of the biggest events our church puts on during the year... This year is was quite chilly!! YIKES! I was in charge of manicures and got to see so many ladies and little ladies come through and get their nails done by awesome ladies in our church who just wanted to help. I LOVED painting the little ones nails who were talking about how the color was going to or wasn't going to match their Easter dress!! ;)I'm sure the ones whose nails weren't going to match their mothers loved it :) hehe!!
It was an AWESOME day. Olivia is finally old enough to understand about hunting eggs! SO. MUCH. FUN! She did it all by herself... she picked them up and even shared with some kids who didn't get many eggs. She is such a doll. She got lots of candy and was getting cranky and ready to go home.
As we pulled into the garage she says, "Mommy I need a rest" lol and that's exactly what we did curled up in my bed and cuddled until she went to sleep and i believe i got 10 minutes in before the boys got here and we started our friends BBQ! Such a blast.
I seriously have made some amazing friends here in Republic, Mo... Some newer than others BUT all of them are seriously the best a girl could ask for. With no family being close to us it's SO nice to have friends you consider family. I love yall so very much and i'm so blessed to have you all.

The one thing i did miss today was my best friends baby boy turning 1. How could i ever miss this!?! The one thing that stinks about being far from family and friends that i've had forever... is missing big events. I made sure i was there when he was born and every hour before that she was in the hospital never did i imagine i would have to miss such important things! :( BUT i will be mailing his gift soon :) AND praying i will get a visit this summer to just spend a few days with them!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. ELI!! We love you so much and can't wait to see you soon!!

Hope everyone had a GREAT Saturday. And Have a BLESSED Easter!!

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