Friday, April 6, 2012


Well not long after my last blog I spent a week with my mom over spring break... It was an AWESOME break to go have some fun in the bootheel.. We spent lots of girl time together along with my sisters it was amazing. I miss those girls more than anything in this world... and wish so badly there wasn't 3 1/2 hours that separated us.. BUT we all have to grow up and we all go our own ways and Republic has been AMAZING to my little family.
This is how she rolls in Matthews, Mo.

Auntie Alli playing volleyball 


Giving her cousin Wakely some LOVE!! 

We also visited with my daddy and family along with Jeff's family too... We attended a wedding where my precious 2 year old cried because SHE WANTED TO MARRY HER DADDY!! (Brought tears to this mommas eyes) She is SO stinkin precious and my time with her being little is going WAY TOO FAST!!

On our way home an unexpected car wreck happened where someone pulled out in front of my car who was carrying not only myself but two of my most precious cargo.. My TWO babies... Olivia and my fury baby Tucker.... Talk about FLIPPING OUT.. along with being hurt and seeing my baby with belt burn... IT. WAS. AWFUL.

Bye Bye Jeep... Thank God we are living but my jeep who I'd only had a year is gone. Here's my new ride after 18 days in a rental car THANK U JESUS i'm out of that smokey smelling car. (YUCK) Thankful I got one but man was it stinky!!!  My new baby... and boy is it NICE! :) SO thankful!!
Yes I'm in LOVE!!

We have been spending lots of time at home outside this weather is UNREAL it has been amazing beautiful outside... I LOVE spending time with my little family outside. I got a surprise when I got home from work one day from my amazing husband and gorgeous daughter... Check it Out:

Tomorrow is our big event at our church here in Republic. Destiny Church *DC* we call it Servolution. I'm SO excited to be able to reach out to the community. It's always an awesome day to see the smiles on people's faces. Also we will have a big Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. 

We are ending our day with some friends and having a BBQ at our house I'm looking forward to an awesome Saturday and REALLY excited to put the carrots out for the Easter Bunny tomorrow night and to see the look on my baby  big girl's face Sunday morning. 

I hope everyone is having a BLESSED Easter weekend. I will post pics of our Easter celebrations on Sunday evening!! 


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