Sunday, April 22, 2012

Strawberry Pickin' & Weekend Fun

We have had one busy weekend... I love weekends that we have plans and get to have fun, but also love the ones where we stay home all weekend and enjoy one another. This weekend was full of friends and lots of laughs. Had an awesome baby shower for an awesome girl at church who is having TWINS ( a girl and a boy) HOW FUN!?! Saturday was full of activities 5K for mommy, 2 football games for daddy, play date at PNO for Olivia, Wild Game Feast with the men at church for daddy, and lots of snuggles for all of us!! Sunday Funday involved attending an AWESOME church service that really hit home with me dealing with "Fear of Failure" I will dedicate another post to this. We took a good ol nap and ended our amazing weekend with awesome friends pickin' strawberries and a good ol' BBQ!! We are TRULY blessed with an AWESOME set of friends!! Lovin' This Life--Just Missin My Family!! 

How YUMMY!! 

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