Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Funday

Well we got up and went to church and was home by 10:00 the storm and rain were almost here so we decided on a cereal lunch and nap time... Woke Up at 3pm!! a 3 hour nap with rain and thunder was AMAZING!! I made chicken and noodles and Olivia told me she wanted to play dress up.. SO that's what we did... then she modeled for me and we took some new pictures... Here's my baby at 2 years and 7 Months and a few days.. WOW time flies I can't express the joy she has brought into my life and how thankful i am for each day I get to spend watching her learn.... She is SO smart she can spell her name out loud and in sign language.. She can count to 5 in English and Spanish and she knows all her colors in sign language... WOW she is full of information I dont think i learned until later in life... Children are SUCH a blessing from God and I'm SO thankful he has allowed me the journey of being Olivia's Mommy!! Here's my BABY... BIG GIRL!!

She is a  miracle from God.. She came out a fighter and to this day she is stubborn and VERY independent! God has big plans for this girl and i can't wait to be there to be behind her ALL the way.

Everyone Please say a prayer for us all Olivia wants a "Brother" or "Sisa" and we've been trying for 8 months and it's not happened... I know God has a plan and we have Gave it ALL to him and it will happen in his time... Just Pray He will Allow us to have another beautiful baby so Olivia can be a BIG SISTER :) She prays over my belly and it's SUCH A beautiful thing. Thank You Jesus!!

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  1. Lots and lots of prayers for a baby sibling! You have such a beautiful faith.

    And those are great pictures!