Friday, January 18, 2013

Quick Take Friday

1. I'm gonna try to make this a new Friday accomplishment. I love reading my friends 7 quick takes each week being so far away it helps me keep up to date with her and her growing family a little more :)

2. I'm growing SO much faster this pregnancy than with my first it's UNREAL. Here is a not so good pic of me but it shows you my belly I'm 18 weeks today. SO excited for Jan. 31st to check the babies anatomy and just to see that precious face <3 SO SO precious and blessed. 

3. I first started to feel flutters at the end of 16 weeks and they just keep getting a little stronger each week. I absolutely LOVE the feeling and can't wait for those little kicks, hopefully we will get more of them this time :)

4. I LOVE days like today that i only work 10-2 but get to spend time with some of my girls chatting it up in the afternoon while my kiddos are napping. Live for these days.

5. Fridays are the best because Jeff gets off work at 3 instead of 5 and I LOVE IT. Can't wait for the spring/summer to get to enjoy all of the Friday afternoons in our backyard.. by far the best time of the year for us :)

6. Olivia has grown up SO much-- She nows thinks she can go into her room and close her door and play babies and with all of her toys... Why didn't someone warn me this would come so soon... I thought only teenage girls wanted privacy with a closed door... :\

7. Excited to get the news today Miranda Lambert is coming to town... and GUESS who wants to go and tickets are ONLY 27 bucks... why yes i will work a little extra and save up some moola for this.. Date Night Yippie!

Enjoy Your Weekend...

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  1. Love your bump!!! But I dont love that little O is growing up too fast.