Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why I Love My Job

Going into 2013 I've almost been at my current job a year on January 30. This has been the BIGGEST blessing I have ever received for many reasons. When I first wanted to work for Heidi my main focus was that I wanted to be able to be with my baby, who now isn't such a baby... Since starting things have changed and I've worked with many different girls and at different places.
As I reflect back over the last year of my life and realize this past year I was WAY less stressed than EVER before, I have made friendships that will last a life time, I have many little boys and girls that look up to me to take care of them and love on them each day, and I get to spend the days watching my little girl play and interact with her friends while learning. I mean SERIOUSLY this job exist?
Yes with any job there are always bumpy times, but they have been WAY fewer than any job i've ever had. I'm so thankful that i've been given the opportunity to keep these kiddos they make me happy each day along with the girls i work with. We aren't just friend at work but like to hang out and have girls nights! It's pretty awesome.

With Baby #2 on the way I'm looking forward to not ever having to leave my baby at daycare again and getting to stay with her ALL the time... I know for some people this may seem like a lot BUT they are only little once and looking back on O it makes me sad i left her when i did and missed all of those little sweet first words and figuring stuff out. Plus i have an amazing husband that is always willing to let me have some "me" time in the evening if that means a hot bath, going out with the girls, or just going out alone for a bit to work out or grab some dinner.

Between my job and husband the last year of my life has been one of my most fulfilled years yet. I can't see what this has to hold with all our new changes with another baby, O will hopefully spend a few hours each morning at preschool, and what I'm really looking forward to is a summer off to enjoy it with my two little kiddos.. yes i realize i will have a newborn but that wont stop us from enjoying time outside and doing what our family loves! oh boy oh boy I'm SOOOO excited!

Just wanted to post a little of how I felt this past year inside.. I couldn't have ask for more.

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