Friday, January 25, 2013

Quick Takes

1. Today started out amazing.. Got a call i didn't have to be at work until 12:30, sooooo I got BUSY BUSY and cleaned the house did laundry, dishes, dusting, vacuuming, and straightening... All is done and my Saturday will be filled with lots of relaxing and fun. YAY for Friday morning off....

2. I'm 19 weeks pregnant today only 6 more days until my big ultrasound to see the babies anatomy... and hopefully still see little girl parts considering all of the pieces of clothing I already have, BUT if there is little boy parts i'm super ok with that and will be excited to start over :)

3. I'm really dreading taxes this year... things dont look so good for us... Stinks Jeff bust his butt to make a better life for us but we are gonna owe taxes.. YAY us. NOT!

4. I'm over all this cold weather I'm SO ready for spring time with longer hours of sunlight, shorts (since none of my pants fit) and tshirts..... Oh the good ol spring/summer weather PLEASE visit ASAP!!

5. I started our 52 week challenge of saving money all year long.... Excited that if we make it all year at the end we should have saved 1300 this year.... THAT IS AWESOME. :)

6. After next thursday there is A LOT of work to get done around our house... we need baby furniture put together, painting, and getting things our precious little baby will need.... I'm very excited but it makes me kinda tired thinking of all the work which i didn't add cleaning out the spare room TOO... yikes.

7. SO excited for life groups to start back at church... Ready for some girl time and connecting with new friends. I've already done the LG once it's called Character Makeover... BUT i think it will be a good session to go through before I have baby #2... Refocus and De clutter my mind and FOCUS on positive parts of me and give my family the best of who i am.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend... <3

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