Monday, June 10, 2013

38 Weeks

Well everyone was right when they said I had it very easy with Olivia.. My body has changed SO much since 32 weeks...  
I'm so happy and blessed to be 38 weeks but I am SO ready to meet my little lady.  My next doctors appointment is Friday, which I will be 39 weeks. It's the last appt with my doctor bc be will be out of town the whole next week. (Yes my due date is in that week) I'm planning to get some answers to a few questions  I have on Friday and will share about these after my appt. 

Seems unreal I only have 11 more days until due date-- but for some reason I have this feeling I will be going past that "due date" mark. 

I have been having contractions but nothing "real" im getting more nervous about having a "natural" delivery...  And about breastfeeding but since she is gonna be full term and everything hoping the feeding goes better than with O since I didn't get to feed her for 24 days after she was born and I have different plans this time around. 

Everything is packed and ready to go just waiting on my body and Miss A to decide its time for her arrival :) 

Hope everyone is doing well-- hoping to keep up with this more when I have more time. I decided to go back to work this week seeing how I don't have a baby yet so I'm staying busy... And hoping it will help to motivate her to want to come into the world :) 

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  1. Stay as busy as you possibly can! The last few weeks are maddening!